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Manual: This manual contains standards for power consumption of buildings such as allowable lighting power densities.

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Handbook: This handbook has detailed information regarding lighting considerations for arena design such as horizontal and vertical lighting levels, uniformity gradients and glare reduction.

IIHF Arena Manual. “Chapter 3: Technical Guidelines of an Ice Rink.”
Manual: This manual includes general and some specific information regarding the construction of hockey rinks. They touch on different light sources available on the market today and which light sources are suitable for what task such as general lighting versus rink lighting. This manual also goes into overall energy consumption of hockey rinks and methods for reducing power consumption through the use of different lighting products and reducing heat given off due to lighting loads.

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Article: This article goes through and lists the different lighting systems that need to be incorporated into an arena/sporting venue. It covers systems ranging from event lighting to exit signage. It also lists products that are suitable for particular applications.

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Article: This journal article is a case study which analyzes a number of ice arenas of similar size.

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Brochure: This brochure touches on different lighting considerations affecting sports arenas such as glare on players and spectators, television broadcasting requirements, uniformity levels, achieving different lighting themes and restrike times. It also gives specific products that excel in overcoming these problems of arena lighting.