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Thesis Research

RSMeans 2008

Critical Industry Issue: Prefabrication

Pennsylvania State University (Personal Interviews)

- Encouraged and enhanced my ideas for thesis
- Provided information on curtain wall systems

  • Faculty Consultant
    Dr. Riley
  • Guest Consultant
    Jim Faust

Subcontractors (Phone Interviews)

- Provided information on different curtain wall systems
- Provided quotes on curtain wall schedules and estimates

  • Johnson Architectural Metal Co., Inc.
    Van Nguyen - Project Manager
  • Wausau Window and Wall Systems
    Ken Carpenter
  • AGC Flat Glass North America
    Steve Brisdon
  • Architectural Glazing Technologies
    John Blanchard
  • W.C. Johnston Architectural Sales, LLC.
    Greg Johnston

Analysis: Sloped Curtain Wall Construction

Mechanical Breadth

- Provided suggestion on which program to use for analyzing solar heat gain through windows

Pennsylvania State Universty (Personal Interviews)

  • Faculty Consultant
    Moses Ling