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Construction Management

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Technical Assignments

Technical Assignment I

The goal of this technical assignment is to convey information about Main & Gervais located in Columbia, South Carolina, with respect to the client, project site, building systems, project schedule and costs, and the project delivery system.

Please click here to view my technical assignment 1 (pdf).

Technical Assignment II

The objective of this technical assignment is to examine Main & Gervais in terms of construction management details more extensively. Some of the information found in the first technical assignment was improved upon and implemented in this assignment. This report includes a further detailed project schedule, two separate site plans for the foundation and super structure phases, general conditions estimate, detailed structural estimate, and an analysis of the critical issues currently impacting the construction industry.

Please click here to view my technical assignment 2 (pdf).

Technical Assignment III

This technical assignment takes the opportunity to explain some alternative methods analysis that could be implemented on Main & Gervais. The first half of the report includes information about what is currently happening with construction on the jobsite. This includes topics on constructability challenges, schedule acceleration opportunities, and value engineering possibilities. The second half of the report explains observations made about any problems pertaining to building design and construction process with Main & Gervais. Within those observations are technical analysis methods that could be used to solve the identified problems.

Please click here to view my technical assignment 3 (pdf).