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Building Statistics

General Building Data

Building Name:
- Main & Gervais

- Columbia, South Carolina 29201

Building Occupant Names:

- Edens & Avant
- McNair

Occupancy Types:
- A-2 Assembly
- B Business
- S-2 Low-Hazard Storage


- 200,000 square feet

Number of Stories Above Grade:
- The first level is a lobby
- The next 6 levels contain a parking garage
- The last 9 levels are for offices

Project Delivery Method:
- Design-Bid-Build

Dates of Construction:
- Start: 7/1/2008
- Substantial Completion: 10/1/2009
- Final Completion: 12/31/2009

Actual Cost Information:
- Contract Value: $41,151,000

Project Team
Owner/Developer Holder Properties
General Contractor Holder Construction Company
Architect dudapainearchitects
Landscape Architect Lappas + Havener, PA
Mechanical Engineer Barrett, Woodyard & Associates, Inc.
Structural Engineer Brockette Davis Drake
Civil Engineer B.P. Barber & Associates, Inc.
Parking Garage Consultant Carl Walker, Inc.
Elevator Consultant Lerch Bates


Design and Functional Components:
- Main & Gervais is a new 16 story office building located in downtown Columbia and overlooks the State Capital Building. Starting from the ground up there is an exterior plaza outside a lobby that contains a bank and a signature restaurant. The following six levels is a parking deck that will serve future tenants of the office building. This leaves the last nine floors for office space that offers a great view of the city in every direction.

Building Envelope:
- The building envelope is comprised of two separate sections. The lobby has a stainless steel-framed storefront with metal panel canopies. To allow the building to look aesthetically pleasing, it has a glazed aluminum curtain wall which covers the office portion of the building and leaves the parking levels open to the exterior. The curtain wall is to be installed as unit-and-mullion assemblies to the cast-in-place concrete structural system. To top off the building there is a single-ply thermoplastic polyolefin roofing membrane.

- Building Code: 2006 International Building Code, no appendixes with South Carolina modifications
- Mechanical Code: 2006 International Mechanical Code, no appendixes
- Plumbing Code: 2006 International Plumbing Code, no appendixes
- Electrical Code: 2006 International Electrical Code, no appendixes
- Fire Code: 2006 International Fire Code, no appendixes
- Energy Code: 2006 International Energy Conservation Code, no appendixes
- Accessibility Code: 2003 ICC/ANSI A117.1

- C-5 Central Busniess

Engineering Systems

- The project delivery method chosen for Main & Gervais was design-bid-build. Holder Construction Company typically does not get involved with the design of the buildings they construct. At the time of construction, there was no interior design documents complete for the office portion of the building. The three tenants that will occupy the building have their own interior architects. This will require extra coordination between the general contractor and all the architects when interior construction takes place. 

- The building is set on a site that was originally a parking lot so demolition was required. The site is limited to just the footprint of the building and its small exterior plaza. Space for material, equipment, etc. will be placed on the sidewalk that runs along Main Street and where the exterior plaza will go. The building is primarily cast-in-place concrete, therefore there was a tower crane placed in the northeast corner of the site to assist with the bucket for placing concrete. The tower crane interrupts the parking garage but is just outside the office building footprint therefore reducing the costs of having to repair the building after the tower crane is removed.

Structural System

- The super structure for Main & Gervais primarily consists of cast-in-place concrete that will be post-tensioned for extra strength, which allows for larger bays. On average, each level of the building has 25’ x 40’ bays made up of 5000 PSI strength concrete 7-1/2” thick that is post-tensioned. Concrete columns range from 21” x 21” to 36” x 36”. There are also round columns on the perimeter of the office levels that are 24” in diameter. All the joists, beams, and girders vary in width from 14” to 48” and typically they all have a depth of 21”. Each of the previous structural elements listed are also post-tensioned. The super structure sits on pile caps with around 270 mini piles underneath reaching 95' down in to the ground.

Mechanical System

- For the lobby on the ground floor, there is a self-contained A/C unit capable of 6,330 CFM and a split system AHU rated at 2,000 CFM. The parking garage levels have split system AHUs capable of 800 CFM in the elevator lobbies and electric wall heaters with 4.8 KW capacities in the stairways. Office space levels have mechanical rooms located in the core of each floor. These rooms have self-contained A/C units each rated around 20,000 CFM. The distribution system for the office consists of galvanized ductwork connected to VAV boxes. The rooftop contains many items including: two stair pressurization intake fans rated 16,000 CFM, an outside air flow fan rated at 22,700 CFM, two cooling towers rated at 999.5 GPM, two chill water pumps rated 1,999 GPM each, and two split system AHUs with one rated at 3,000 and the other 600 CFM.

Lighting/Electrical Systems

- The lighting system for the building primarily consists of fluorescent lamps with wattages ranging from 32 W to 96 W. There is an electrical room on the lobby floor. For every floor above the lobby, there is an electrical room near the elevator in the core of the building. The main feed is a 3-phase single sided busway rated at 4000A, 480/277V. There are a total of 20 transformers throughout the building that are typically located in the core of the building. A majority of these transformers step the voltage down to 208/120V to feed the receptacles and lamp fixtures on each floor. There is a 3-phase diesel generator located on the lobby floor rated at 600 KW.

Fire Protection

- There is an automatic wet sprinkler system located in the office tower/retail areas. The office portion of the building contains a Class 1 standpipe system. The parking garage utilizes a Class 1 manual dry standpipe system to avoid potential freezing problems in the winter. A storage tank and pump, located on the lobby floor, are available in case of an emergency.


- There are five traction elevators (four passenger and one service) in the building each with a 3,500 pound capacity.  The elevators will operate through all 16 floors of the building and can travel at 500 FPM. The machines are located in the machine room on the roof. There are two staircases in the core of building as well.