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The following semesters work will focus on hypothetically moving the PWC building to Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA, and the consequent changes involved in its design. The structural gravity system will be redesigned to utilize a composite decking on a steel frame opposed to the existing prefabricated system. A redesign of the lateral system will be required due to different design loads incurred by change of site location and structural weight.

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Constrcution Management

Speed of construction is important for the PWC building, because it must be completed before successive buildings in the BARCODE strip can be continued. Although an all steel structure is faster to erect than an all concrete solution, it will not be as fast as the existing prefabricated structure.  A comparison study will be conducted on whether the savings made by a change in structural system are outweighed by increased construction time. Determination of cost and schedule of the new structural system will be estimated using RS Means 2007. Although these values obtained will not provide for direct comparison with existing conditions, it will provide an indication as to whether the proposed design can provide cost savings.

A change in the structural system potentially incurs changes to the façade and floor plans. Any alterations made to the façade will attempt to keep the existing architectural expression in tact. The goal is to keep the simple defined form and maintain an expression of transparency and technological sophistication. The importance of the PWC building as a unique entity in the BARCODE strip as a whole is also critical. The rules and regulations defined by zoning will have to be studied, such that any alterations conform within the guidelines.

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