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Executive Summary:

This architectural engineering thesis senior report summarizes a year-long analysis of the
Massachusetts Public Library. Specifically, the report includes the investigation of the building's lighting and electrical system. Altering the dynamics of one building system typically impact the aspects of another, therefore smaller studies were conducted for several other systems throughout the building. The evaluation of analysis throughout these studies includes everything from subjective assessments to more quantitative research involving energy calculations.

The main body of the report focuses on the lighting system which then links to the research
other systems. The overall inspiration to the project is "words of light." People go to a library to be enlightened so light is used to guide occupants throughout the library. The new proposed lighting design is not only way-finding but compliments and accentuates the architectural style of the building. Lighting also supports the transparency and connection between spaces to create a cohesive and integral design. Attached to this idea of integration is the analysis of daylighting. The daylighting study of the state-of-the-art curtain wall facade is used to calculate the yearly savings due to dimming and on-off switching of luminaires in the library. The impacts of this research are linked to a smaller mechanical study of the cooling loads in the building. Altering the material of the glass in the curtain wall to enhance the quality of daylight affects the cooling loads. In addition, reductions in lighting loads due to photosensor controls, heavily impact the mechanical loads as well.

Because the building is striving to be LEED certified, energy efficiency is considered throughout the project. An electrical study compares the energy efficiency of an NSTAR transformer to that of the energy efficient Powersmith transformer. The results included energy and cost savings as well as environmental impacts. An additional cost savings analysis was done for the comparison of copper and aluminum feeders throughout the electrical system as well.

The lighting design not only impacts the redesign of the branch circuit distribution within the
electrical system, it also influences the choices made in architectural design. When
architectural details are changed due to the lighting scheme there is a large impact to the
dynamics of the room and acoustics of the space. An acoustical study showed that the position and property of different materials can greatly alter the sound reverberation time of a space.

Overall, this report captures the effects and research analysis of several building systems in the Massachusetts Public Library.






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