Kyle Wagner, LEED AP

Structural Option
Park Potomac Office Building "E"
Potomac, MD

This is a student-generated Capstone Project e-Portfolio (CPEP) produced in conjunction with the AE Senior Thesis e-Studio.


Technical Assignments


Technical Assignment 1

This report includes an overall introduction and an overview of the structural systems for Park Potomac Office Building "E". Gravity loads and lateral loads were both considered, including analysis of wind and seismic loading. Sample calculations on building elements were also completed in Technical Assignment 1. Click above to view the full version.

Technical Assignment 2

In addition to an overview of the existing structural system, this report includes the proposal and comparison of three alternate floor systems. Steel composite, steel noncomposite, and hollow-core precast planks were all examined using a variety of criteria and compared to the existing post-tensioned system in this report. Click above to view the full version.

Technical Assignment 3

This report contains an in-depth analysis of the lateral system for Office Building "E". Included is a discussion of load path and load distribution, as well as an analysis of drift, story drift, torsion, and overturning. Spot checks of several critical members are also included.



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