Shepherd University Wellness Center
Shepherdstown, West Virgina

Lisha A Brown
Lighting + Electrical


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The following proposal details the work to be completed in the Spring semester of 2011. The proposal presents a description of the redesign of several systems present in Shepherd University Wellness Center, which include two depth topics and two breadth topics.

Depth Analysis | Lighting

The lighting depth presents new design concepts for four building spaces: the outdoor entry at the North façade, the rotunda at the main entrance, the multi-purpose room, and the fitness area. The new design aims to create a motivating and safe environment for the building occupants. Concepts and criteria developed throughout the Fall semester of 2010 will guide the re-illumination of these four spaces.

Depth Analysis | Electrical

The electrical depth includes a redesign of the branch circuit distribution for the four spaces to be re-illuminated in the lighting depth. A short circuit analysis will also be conducted. A comparison between the use of a generator versus a central or distributed batteries for emergency lighting will be analyzed as well as the use of photo voltaic arrays to save building energy.

Breadth Analysis | Acoustical

An acoustical analysis and redesign will be investigated as a breadth topic for the multi-purpose room to anaylize the noise level within the space.

Breadth Analysis | Architectural

An architectural study will be conducted to redesign the multi-purpose room to compliment the high intensity aerobic activities within the space.

Full Proposal.

Full Proposal Updated. 1.12.2011

Breadth Proposal Updated. 3.24.2011


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