Hospital Patient Tower
East Coast, U.S.A.
Matthew Peyton
Structural Option
Personal Information
Matthew Peyton
  Permanent Address
  367 Oak Dr
  Arnold, MD 21012
  Local Address
  140 Wood Alley #2
  State College, PA 16801
  Phone Number

Matthew Peyton is currently a 5th year student in the structural option of the Architectural Engineering program at Penn State. He will graduate in May 2011 with a bachelor of Architectural Engineering. Matthew has passes his FE exam and will gain EIT status upon graduation. While in the AE department he has learned an extensive amount of knowledge about the field of structural engineering as well as a basic understanding in the other fields of building construction. On the Architectural side of the major, he was able to complete a minor in Architectural studies after studying abroad with the AE Rome program. After graduation he would like to peruse a career in the field of structural engineering with the goal of becoming a professional engineer and eventually attending graduate school.

After starting at Penn State as a freshman he could not see himself anywhere else between my work in the AE department and his co-curricular activities I find myself really at home here at Penn State.

While Matthew's major time commitment is his studies he has also found time to be involved outside of the AE department. Over the past 3 year he has held position within the Homecoming organization with his current positions being the Executive director for Homecoming 2010. Matthew's experiences with these positions has helped him not only hone the skills that he has learned in the classroom like team work but it has also taught him new ones such as time management and organizational communication.

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