Tyler Jaggi Senior Thesis

Construction Management


Building Statistics


General Building Data

        • Building Name :                    Saint Vincent Health Center
  • Location :                             Erie, PA
  • Occupancy Type:                  Medical
  • Gross Building Area :            104,660 SF
  • Number Of Stories :               3 (1 below ground)
  • Total Building Cost:               Approx. $ 45 Mil.
  • Dates of Construction:           7/10/2010 – 11/1/2011 (Estimated)
  • Project Delivery Method:        Design-Build with CM Agency

Project Team



Saint Vincent Health Center



 Rectenwald Architects, Inc. 


Structural Engineer:

 Atlantic Engineering Service


Mechanical Engineer:

 Karpinski Engineering 


Electrical Engineer:

 Karpinski Engineering 


Civil Engineer:  

  Urban Engineers  


Construction Manager  

 E.E. Austin, Inc.   


 Phase 1 Concrete:  

 Perry Construction Group


 Site Utilities: 

 Wm T. Spaeder Co.


 Phase 1 Caissons:




Saint Vincent is building the new Infill Building to expand and upgrade their Emergency Department and Operating Rooms. In the basement of the new building they are putting in a new Central MEP Plant that will replace the entire MEP services for the entire complex of buildings.

Critical issue for this project is not to interrupt flow of hospital operations at ED and movement between the existing hospital and the MOB (Medical Office Building / Hardner Building) to the North. 

This is a three phase project: Phase 1 is new Ambulance Entrance Addition.  Phase 2 is Temporary connector corridor along the west wide of the site so the existing connector can be removed to allow for access to the new building. Phase 3 is the new inlet building itself.

The codes being used are IBC as enforced by local jurisdiction (B.I.U.) and FGI Guidelines for design and construction of Health Care Facilities and NFPA as required by the State Department of Health (D.O.H.)


Erie Pennsylvania Building Codes


Code Type Code Model Amendment Contact
Building/Dwelling Code IBC 2009 Building Dept., (814) 870-1470 or City Clerk’s office (814) 870-1291
Structural Code IBC 2009 Building Dept., (814) 870-1470 or City Clerk’s office (814) 870-1291
Plumbing Code IPC 2009 Plumbing Inspector, (814) 870-1475
Mechanical Code IMC 2009 Building Dept., (814) 870-1470 or City Clerk’s office (814) 870-1291
Electrical Code IBC 2009, Ch. 27 (Must comply w/NEC 2008) No amendments
Fire/Life Safety Code IFC 2009 Building Dept., (814) 870-1470 or City Clerk’s office (814) 870-1291
Accessibility Code IBC 2009, Ch. 11 & ICC/ANSI A117.1-2003
Energy Code IECC 2009
Elevator Code PA State Code

Zoning is RLB by the City of Erie

C-3 Central Commercial District (Health Care)

Building Envelope & Façade: 
The Specifics on the building envelope are still being developed
Most will be 8” CMU with rigid insulation & a 2”stone veneer. Some places will be aluminum siding panels, and some brick veneer to match the adjacent Harder Building.

Face Brick:
1. Manufacturer: The Belden Brick Company.
2. Description: Modular Carolina Rose.
3. Size: 3 5/8: wide by 2 ¼” high by 7 5/8” long.
4. Average compressive strength: 15,859 psi.

5. Absorption: 24 hour submersion in cold water (%) average: 3.01

Views: 0948_View from Hardner , 0948_View of Emergency Entrance , 0948_Myrtle Street Facade

Structural system:

The structural system for the Saint Vincent Health Center Infill Building consists of a steel frame structure supported by deep foundations.  The current roof/future third floor along with the ground and first floors are framed with a 4” concrete slab on a 2” composite steel metal deck spanning between composite wide flange steel framing.  Steel beams and girders carry gravity loads to steel columns supported on concrete caissons.  Special design features include transfer girders located on the roof / future 3rd floor to create large open spaces at the new operating rooms, steel bents cantilevering 40’ at the front entry, and permanent drilled solider pile and lagging walls to support deep excavations adjacent to existing buildings. 


Roofing system:
The Roofing system of the Saint Vincent Medical Center Infill Building is composed of W18x35 & W10x12 beams, W24x55 & W18x40 Girders. The roof structure will be steel composite decking with a concrete roof. This roof is designed to be the possible 3rd floor in the future, with columns of the existing structure sized for the expansion of 3 additional floors in the future.

Sustainability Features:
Requesting more information on this topic.

This project is a LEED certified project with the hope of attaining a Silver certification.
The Structural structure of the building is designed with the possibility of adding 3 additional floors in the future. New columns would line up with the existing column below them. These columns are size larger than need for the 3 story structure but are designed that way for the possibly 3 story addition.

There will also be Solar shades to block some of the suns ray from over heating the building.

In the basement of this new building they are putting in a new state of the art Central MEP Plant that will replace the entire MEP services for the entire complex of buildings. This plant will be more efficient than the complex's existing one.