Tyler Jaggi Senior Thesis

Construction Management




ABET Assessment PDF


Thesis Course Reflection

Overall, these courses have taught me a lot about myself and how I will fit into the design and construction industry. Through countless hours of studying the project to learn the various systems and building components, I have earned a new respect for today's industry professionals. These courses have tied together previous course work and have also filled any gaps in the curriculum. The first semester had several due dates which forced me to stay on track and on schedule. On the other hand, the second semester had one due date, this was the final due date for the report and one that was the day of my final presentation. Overall, I thought it was a good learning experience.


CPEP Reflection

Designing and creating this website was definately a new experience that took a little help and learning until I fully understood Dreamweaver. I am very proud of my website and I will like looking back on it and showing others what AE Thesis was all about. The CPEP offers a well rounded experience to those students that have not attempted to develop a website in the past. A CPEP is extremely valuable in providing an online portfolio space to document thesis work for future review. I used it to communicate my progress to family, friends, and professionals. Many were surprised to learn the amount of work that has gone into the project.