Christie Smith is currently a fifth year student in the Integrated Bachelor and Master of Architectural Engineering program with a minor in Architectural Studies and a Housing Certificate at The Pennsylvania State University. Her main focus of study is in Construction Management and will be graduating in May of 2012. Christie is involved in professional and student organizations including the Penn State Chapter of the Architectural Engineering Institute (Student Society of Architectural Engineers), the Penn State Student Chapter National Association of Home Builders, The Student Partnership for Achieving Construction Excellence (S:PACE), and Women in Engineering.

During the past three summers, Christie has held an internship position with James G. Davis Construction Corporation and two internship positions with Truland Systems Corporation. She has been a part of a high end interiors job for a plastic surgery office as well as been in the field assisting with the electrical side of construction. She has also gained the experience on the preconstruction side of the construction industry by assisting in a few large bids.

Christie participated in the Sedi di Roma Summer Abroad Program as well as competed in the NAHB Residential Construction Management Competition in Orlando, Florida in 2011. Christie has served as a Mentor in 2010 for the Women in Engineering Program for the program’s 3-day orientation known as WEPO. She has also held a lead mentoring position for the Student Society of Architectural Engineers. She is also a teaching assistant for the Architectural Engineering Freshman Seminar. In her free time, she enjoys scrapbooking, playing sports, and reading.


Christie Smith's Resume


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