Chris VandeLogt is a fifth year senior studying Architectural Engineering at Penn State. In May 2012, he will graduate with a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering (B.A.E.) with a focus in structural design. Chris has also achieved a minor in architecture and is eligible for Engineer-in-Training (EIT) status upon graduation. He is a strong working structural engineer focused on meeting deadlines with correctness and looks forward to becoming a Professional Engineer.


            During the summer of 2010, Chris spent seven weeks studying abroad in Rome through the Sede di Roma program at Penn State.  This intense twelve credit program teaches students about the architectural history, design, and structural analysis of the Roman civilization.  Aside from this, Chris also gained an appreciation for classical architecture and learned that pictures alone don’t manifest the beauty and the intelligence of a structure. For more information on the Sede di Roma program click here.

            Through an architectural internship and an engineering internship with the City of Rochester, Chris has gained a well-rounded work experience. In summer 2009 he worked with the Architectural Services division while in summer 2011 he worked with the Department of Engineering at the City of Rochester. At Architectural Services; he did countless AutoCAD drawings, measured floor spaces to create a floor plan, recorded punch list items on construction site inspections, and assisted in the design of railings for the Blue Cross Arena. At the Department of Engineering, he worked with the street design division. He inspected sidewalks for hazards, assisted in taking measurements for street design, and was introduced to GIS. Chris now looks forward to a structural engineering position to further his knowledge of structural design.


            Past jobs include being a cart boy at a local golf course, working at McDonalds as a griller and fryer, and working at Kodak as a cleaner for one of the film producing buildings.

            Outside of class, Chris is very active in sports. He loves to play soccer and is an avid golfer. He is also a third degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and was in the Penn State TaeKwonDo club. During the past summers, he played softball for his dad's team while playing in a soccer league and playing golf close to every weekend. In the winter, he skis and plays basketball. Among these, his hobbies include wood-working and playing guitar. In the past, Chris played soccer all throughout his years in high school and has been in TaeKwonDo since the early age of six years old. TaeKwonDo is centered on respect, self-discipline, perseverance, and integrity and has become an integral part of Chris.


            In the summer of 2006, Chris spent a week in West Virginia as a part of the Appalachia Service Project. As a volunteer, he assisted in repairing homes for low-income families. As a worker, he got to know the family and still maintains in contact with them. From this experience, he made new friends and learned teamwork and communication are a crucial part of getting work done.

            Throughout his childhood, Chris loved playing with Lego's, K'Nex, and Lincoln Logs. His favorite activity was to build and construct things. When he got a new box, he started building and putting the pieces together right away. Once he started, he wouldn't stop until the job was done; even if dinner was on the table. He still owns two full bins of Lego's and a bin of K'Nex. His love to build is what inspired him to become an Architectural Engineer when he was a senior in high school.


            Chris continued his love to design and build in high school by taking many technology courses. Four technology classes were a part of the Project Lead the Way Program at RIT. These include Principles of Engineering, Introduction to Engineering Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, and Digital Electronics. For more information on Project Lead the Way, click here. Chris excelled in all these classes and was asked, although declined due to conflictions, to be on the robotics club. He also took an Auto Technology class as he was interested in cars and engines.


            Chris had many achievements in his high school career. He excelled at math, was at the top of all his technology classes, won an engineering design logo and slogan contest, and graduated with many honors. He received Salutatory Honors, Academic Letter and Pin, Scholar Athlete Team Award, and was on the National Honor Society. He was on Ski Club and was on the soccer team throughout all his years in high school. He graduated high school with a cumulative GPA of 3.778 and accepted to go to Penn State for Architectural Engineering.