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Please click the image below to view the thesis proposal for the SouthWest Student Housing building

Structural Depth

Investigate the applicability of this type of building design and construction to areas in the U.S. with higher loads, more specifically, St. Louis, MO. This area bring the building to SDC D, which means that the cores would need to be redesigned with minimal openings, as would the floor system. A key focus for this design would be how to anchor each floor to the core, because the current system would be unfit for SDC D design.

Breadth 1 - Architectural

Examine the adjustments that would need to be made to the floor plan as a result of the core modifications for SDC D. Reorganize the floor plans and (time permitting) redesign the current modules for the different floor plan, with the intent of making the modules applicable both to the new SDC D design, and the existing SDC B design.

Breadth 2 - Sustainability

Examine the current LEED status of the existing building design and evaluate the necessary steps to bring it to LEED certified or higher. Apply sustainable features with pragmatism and utility in mind, and design whatever components are required.

Breadth 3 - Construction Management

Create an in-depth cost estimation of the SDC D design and evaluate the construction schedule for the same design. Compare the cost and schedule to the existing design to examine adjusted expenditure for a building of this type and construction method in other parts of the country. Additionally, create a cost estimation for the sustainability breadth to compare to the existing design in order to examine if sustainability is viable in the design.

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