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Technical Report #1

Technical Report #1 is meant to provide a comprehensive description and discussion of the existing structural systems in the Southwest Student Housing building. Included in this report are discussions of the foundation, floor, gravity, lateral and roof systems in the building. Additionally, Assignment #1 details codes, references and standards used in the design of ths building, as well as materials, and calculated gravity and lateral loads. Also included are spot-check calculations for typical structural elements in the framing plan that analyze the calculated member sizes and specifications.

Technical Report #2

Technical Report #2 delves deeper into the possibilities available for the Southwest Student Housing building. This report discusses the existing floor system and several potential alternative floor systems that might help to reduce costs, reduce building weight, or reduce construction time. The floor systems investigated include non-composite deck, long-span deck, and post-tensioned concrete. Included with the report are the hand-calculations used to design each respective floor system, as well as any additional referenced information (such as deck specs), and a preliminary cost analysis of each system.

Technical Report #3

The focus of this report is on the lateral system of the building. Technical Report 3 delves into the details of how the lateral forces in the building are distributed among different frames to better familiarize the reader with the structural systems of the building. In the case of the SW Housing building, the lateral system is fairly simple, so the goal of this report is to observe the effects of different lateral force cases (e.g. ASCE 7 wind load cases) on the building. The primary assumption throughout this report is that the floors act as a rigid diaphragm.

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