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AE 481W/482 Course Reflection:

The AE Senior Thesis project was an extremely valuable experience.The program allows the student to follow through with the analysis of an existing structure during the construction phrase and ultimately enable the student to explore topics not necessarily covered in the AE curriculum. Because my topic was not covered in class, it presented me with the challenge of learning and researching the various topics associated with base isolation. I believe that this replicates the condition at an industy job much more than any class could have produced.

CPEP Reflection:

The CPEP was also a valuable tool in assisting the student in submitting a majority of the thesis assignments in an online fashion for the general public to view. The website was relatively easy to create and maintain throughout both semesters with the use of Adobe Dreamweaver. Looking forward, it also has the added benefit of sharing the thesis work done with industy professionals as well as the public.

For a PDF of the ABET Survey, please click HERE.


   04.28.12     CPEP Completed and Ready
                    for Review     
Thesis Reflection Posted
Thesis Research Posted
     Final Presentation Slides

04.04.12    Final Report Posted
03.25.12    Presentation Outline Posted
  03.25.12    Sample Slides Posted
01.27.12    Revised Thesis
                    Proposal Posted

01.26.12    Question Posted to
                    Discussion Board
01.16.12    Building Statistics Part
                    II Posted

01.12.12    Proposal Revision Posted
12.15.11    Thesis Proposal Posted
11.18.11    Technical Report 3 Posted  
10.24.11    Thesis Abstract Posted 
10.19.11    Technical Report 2 Posted
09.23.11    Technical Report 1 Posted
09.12.11    Building Statistics Part I Posted
09.08.11    Owner Permission
                    Form Received
09.08.11    Student Biography Posted
08.26.11    Building Statistics Draft
  Note: While great efforts have been taken to provide
  accurate and complete information on the pages of
  CPEP, please be aware that the information contained
  herewith is considered a work in progess for this thesis
  project. Modifications and changes related to the
  original building design and construction methodo-
  logies for this senior thesis project are solely the
  intrepretation of Nathan McGraw. Changes and
  discrepancies in now way imply the the original
  design contained errors or was flawed. Differing
  assumptions, code references, requirements, and
  methodologies have been incorporated into this thesis
  project; therefore, investigation results may vary from
  the orginal design.
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