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This is a student-generated Capstone Project e-Portfolio (CPEP) produced in conjunction with the AE Senior Thesis e-Studio.



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This Report is a presentation of the proposed construction analysis topics that will be focused on during the spring semester. There are four construction topics that will be focused on in the spring and two breadth topics in other areas in Architectural Engineering. The analyses focus on schedule accelaration, value engineering, constructability review, and a research topic. These analyses are described below along with the breadth topics.


ANALYSIS I: Prefabrication of the Curtain Wall System
This analysis is pursued as an effort to accelerate the project schedule. Prefabricating the curtain walls can have beneficial effects by saving time and money from labor reduction. The analysis will compare the prefabricated system to the existing curtain wall system to determine whether prefabrication can have a progressive effect on the project. This analysis also includes a structural breadth that focuses on the type of connection that will be used on the prefabricated curtain wall system.


ANALYSIS II: Demolition Alternatives for the Building’s Core
Since the demolition of the building’s core was the biggest challenge on the URBN Center project, this analysis will explore the alternative possible demolition methods and compare them to the existing demolition method that was used on the project. This analysis is pursued as a constructability review of the demolition and to analyze whether the existing demolition plan was the most efficient way to pursue the demolition.


ANALYSIS III: SIP Scheduling for the Mezzanine
This analysis keeps the focus of the research on the core of the building by implementing short interval production scheduling on the mezzanine stair and mezzanine levels that are added in the demolished area of the building’s center. This analysis is pursued to study how the production could have been improved in areas such as the mezzanine with repetitive labor activities. Effects on the project schedule and the cost due to labor will also be analyzed.


ANALYSIS IV: Supply Chain Research of the Chilled Beam System
Since chilled beams are unique products utilized on this project, a research focusing on the supply chain process for the chilled beams is conducted to study the best path to order, deliver, and store the chilled beams. This analysis also compares the supply chain process to the VAV pre-existing mechanical system to see which is more effective on a project as the URBN Center


Structural Breadth—Analysis II
As described previously, analysis II focuses on demolition alternatives for the building’s center. One alternative that is being studied is placing temporary or permanent beams to brace the columns in the mezzanine’s perimeter. Therefore, the breadth would be to calculate the appropriate size of the steel beams that would brace the columns.

Mechanical breadth—Analysis IV
In addition to the supply chain analysis for the Chilled beam system, an overall performance comparison between the chilled beam system and the pre-existing VAV mechanical system will be utilized as a mechanical breadth. This mechanical breadth will include mechanical calculations to determine the energy usage of the chilled beam system in order for it to perform efficiently. Similar calculation will be conducted on the pre-existing VAV system. The energy usage of both systems will be used to analyze the cost of performance for the owner.

This mechanical breadth along with the construction depth regarding the supply chain will conclude whether the chilled beam system was a positive choice for the owner and how the owner will benefit from this system in the future.



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