The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

Overland Park, Kansas

part of Johnson County Community College

Jack Risser | Lighting / Electrical


Lighting Depth

The proposed lighting depth for this thesis project is to redesign five spaces of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art. The five spaces are: Grounds/exterior, solarium, cafe, auditorium, and gallery. The lighting design will reinforce and enhance the architecture of the building while meeting the desired design criteria in each program space.

Electrical Depth

The proposed electrical depth will consist of a branch circuit redesign consistent with the proposed lighting schemes, a short circuit analysis of new circuit design, and a voltage comparison for the lighting equipment. Panels, feeders, and branch circuit wiring will be resized as needed. The short circuit study will provide protection on all equipment, and a comparison of the lighting voltage (277V vs 120V) will provide an analysis of cost savings.

Breadth I - Structural

Due to the proposed lighting scheme in the auditorium, a new ceiling design is necessary to bring in daylight and architectural consistency. Panels of stretched fabric will be arranged in a radial fan pattern. This system will be broken near the front of the room. The front panels will slope up into the room, while the back panels will slowly slope down toward the back of the room. This creates space, while adding acoustical performance.

The Structural breadth includes resizing and relocated the supports above the ceiling of the auditorium to make room for and support the skylights needed to realize the lighting scheme. The roof structure currently consists of series of joists spanning the large open space and tied into the concrete columns. A galvanized metal roof deck 1 ½" deep X 22 gage wide rib is welded in with puddle welds. Maximum span allowed currently is 5'-6".

Breadth II - Acoustical

Due to the new ceiling design, an acoustical study of how this redesign will affect reverb time and other acoustical requirements will be implemented. Careful consideration to the slope of the ceilings and individual panels will be investigated. Reverb time will also be affected by the volume of the space which will be examined as well.


A report proposing work to be completed during the Spring 2014 semester.


Proposal Revision I

A report proposing work to be completed during the Spring 2014 semester. Updated.


Proposal Revision II

A report proposing work to be completed during the Spring 2014 semester. Updated(2).