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Overland Park, Kansas

part of Johnson County Community College

Jack Risser | Lighting / Electrical

AE 481W/482 Reflection

The final Architectural Engineering Senior Thesis Project was of great value to me as I move forward into my career. It taught me the technical and communication skills needed to complete a high quality project. Access to industry professionals was of great help as well. Being able to learn from other designers and have a dialog back and forth taught me some of the values of creating a successful design. I will find this experience very beneficial as I move into a professional practice and just how integrated each phase of the design process truly is.

CPEP Reflection

The CPEP website integration was a really fun experience for me. I had never designed a website before, and just the technical and design issues I had to solve was a rewarding experience overall. It was also very beneficial to look back at past student projects and gain insight to what was expected.

ABET Survey

A complete version of my ABET Survey