Building Name: HUB Renovations & Addition

Location and Site: University Park, PA

Building Occupant Name: The Pennsylvania State University

Occupancy type: Student Union Building

Size: 64,000 GSF New Construction, 40,000 GSF Renovation

Number of stories: 3 Levels above grade

Dates of Construction (Start-Finish): May 2013 – May 2015

Overall Project Cost: $44.6 Million

Project Delivery Method: CM at Risk

Contract Type: GMP

Project Team:


Located in the heart of the Penn State University Park campus, the HUB-Robeson Center has served students since 1953. With increases in student enrollment, major renovations occurred in 1973 and 1983 with the last occurring in 1997. The current addition and renovation to the HUB will provide the students with 104,000 (GSF) of space including: new seating and lounge space, additional meeting rooms, a new THON merchandise store, renovated bookstore and food court, and improvements in retail venues.

Compared to the rest of the Penn State campus, the addition to the HUB will blend the historical look of University Park with the complement of modern design. Brick Masonry veneer will be used on the façade incorporated with curtain walls constructed of both aluminum and terracotta. A canopy roof system with skylights will cover the interior seating and the university’s first inhabitable green roof will be implemented on top of the current bookstore roof


IBC 2009

IEBC 2009


Construction of the HUB falls under Subdistrict 5, one of the most densely developed subdistricts which constitutes the core for the University Park campus and has heavy concentration of teaching and research facilities as well as student services and housing.

Historical Requirements:

There are no historical requirements for this building.

Building Enclosure:

Major components of the building enclosure include a large aluminum frame curtain wall, terracotta tile wall system and brick veneer which will match the current brick façade on the building. The aluminum frame curtain wall will have aluminum framing system with 1-3/4” thick insulating glass. The brick façade will consist of an 8” brick, airspace, 2.5” mineral wool insulation, AVB membrane and ties as required. The terra cotta façade includes an exterior terra cotta panel backed by 2.5” mineral wool, AVB membrane, ½” exterior sheathing and a 6” metal stud.

Building Roof:

Two different roofing systems will be implemented in the HUB renovation and expansion. A canopy roof system will cover the additional lounge area. The system will be comprised of metal framed skylights over parts of the seating area to let light into the space. A green roof design will be constructed over the existing bookstore roof slab. The green roof system will consist of 2” deep river rocks over rigid insulation with a system filter and garden drain.

Sustainability Features:

The HUB renovation and expansion is on track to achieve a LEED Certification with the current design. This value was calculated using the LEED Project checklist on 01/31/2013 by Gilbane.


The new structural implemented into the HUB project is built on existing foundation and a new foundation system consisting of: spread and continuous footings, micro piles and pile caps over existing piles. The lower levels of the building (Level B2 - Level G) have new slab on grade concrete flooring. The new laterally braced system is constructed of W shape and HSS steel beams. The system (Level G - Level 3) consists of 3-1/4” lightweight concrete reinforced on 18 GA composite steel decking. The canopy roofing system over the atrium/courtyard area is a truss system made of HSS steel pieces.


The new mechanical system for the HUB project consists of implementation of 7 new air handling units into the existing mechanical system. The new system supplies both new and existing areas by both VAV & single zone systems. Several fin tube radiators will be used in level B2. Fan coil units are located in several locations around the building. The fire suppression for the entire project will comprise of a hydraulically-calculated automatic wet-pipe sprinkler system. All valves shall be equipped with supervisory switches and be provided with lockout cover to prevent tampering.


A new transformer rated at 480/277Y will run primary feeder from PSU distribution to a new low-voltage main distribution switchgear which will replace the existing switchgear in the building (Rated at 1600A, 3ϕ, 4W, 480Y/277V). This MDS runs to four switchboards, two rated at 208Y/120V, 3ϕ, 4W, 800A, one rated at 480Y/277Y, 3ϕ, 4W, 800A and an existing one rated at 480Y/277Y, 3ϕ, 4W, 2000A These four switchboards feed panel boards which will supply the existing and new part of the building.

The lighting for the project consists of a mixture of fluorescent and LED lights. Fluorescent ballasts are high power factor, energy-efficient electronic type with less than 10% total harmonic distortion. The lighting fixtures themselves are both track type lighting and individual fixtures.

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