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CPEP Ready for Final Review 4/25/2016
Reflection 4/25/2016
ABET Assesment 4/25/2016
Final Presentation 4/25/2016
Final Report 4/8/2016
Presentation Outline 3/30/2016
Revised Thesis Proposal 1/17/2016
Thesis Proposal 12/07/2015
Technical Report 3 11/09/2015
Abstract 10/26/2015
Building Statistics Part 2 10/21/2015
Technical Report 2 10/13/2015
Technical Report 1 9/24/2015
Building Statistics Part 1 9/16/2015
Thank You Letter Sent 9/14/2015
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Senior Thesis, AE 481W/482, Reflection

Senior thesis helped me in some ways apply what I was learning in my internship practices as well as my classes to develop one cohesive project. There was a wide range of interpreting results as well as formulating a work plan to complete all the assignments in a timely manner. This helped develop not only my technical skills but my project management skills as well. Even though I chose to work in a group I was in contact with the engineers and architects to collect information. I did feel more guidance could have been given from the AE faculty in terms of energy modeling and interpreting results. I do believe this course provided a great stepping stone into the industry and am glad to have done the work.

CPEP Reflection

The use of a CPEP site aided in the organization as well as the overall display of the course. It was good for a project management tool as well to be able to put up accomplished work in a presentable manner to keep track of major milestones. I felt it really helped me learn web design by utilizing Adobe Dreamweaver I have a more indepth understanding of how websites operate. I felt instruction at the beginning of the semester provided a good platform to design my own site.



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