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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Raymond W. Regan
Professor Emeritus


Raymond Regan  

Penn State University

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Primary Research Interests
Advancing technology for pollution control (multi-media); environmentally conscious
manufacturing; bioremediation; and beneficial use of industrial residuals, including
those from the metal casting industry.

Specific Research Topics
Environmental pollution control
Solid and hazardous waste management
Beneficial use of industry residuals

Courses Taught at Penn State University
C E 370, Introduction to Environmental Engineering
C E 476, Solid Waste Management
C E 477, Industrial Hazardous and Residual Waste Management
C E 572, Biological Treatment Processes
C E 575, Industrial Waste Management


1972 Ph.D., University of Kansas, Environmental Health Engineering
1966 M.E., Manhattan College, Sanitary Engineering
1965 B.E., Manhattan College, Chemical Engineering

Professor of Environmental Engineering, The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA. (1996-present)
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA., (1978-1996)
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA., (1972-1978)
Project Engineer, Manhattan College, New York, (1964-1965)

Professional Registrations
Registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania, 21306E

Professional Memberships
Water Environment Federation (WEF)
Water Environment Association of Pennsylvania
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) (Environmental Engineering Division)
American Foundrymen's Society (AFS)

Honors and Awards
Fulbright Senior Specialist, project #479, sustainable technologies, KAIST, Korea (April-May 2004)
Fulbright Senior Specialist roster, environmental science (2002 through 2007)
Fulbright inter-country travel grant, University of Kuopio, Findland (April 1999)
Fulbright Senior scholar appointment in environmental engineering to a food processing institute, Escola Superior de Biotechnologia, Portugal (Feb-April 1999)
AFS, Environmental Control Division Best Paper Awards 1994, 1995, 1996 and 2000

Recent Publications
*Regan, R.W. and E. Colfer. Review of On-lot Wastewater Systems, Focusing in on Maintenance and Operation Performance Objectives; Pennsylvania Model Proceedings of Tenth National Symposium on Industrial and Small Community Sewage Systems, Sacramento, CA, 156-162 (March, 2004)

Regan, R.W. Assessing Watershed Management from Decentralized Domestic Wastewater Source Located in the Rural/Suburban Areas: Back to the Future, Proceedings of the 6th IWA Symposium on Strong Nitrogen Wastewater, Seoul ,Korea, 681-684 (June, 2003).

*Striebig, B.A., H.K. Son and R.W. Regan. Understanding water dynamics in a biofilter containing composted biosoilds: Experimental phase, electronic file, track 3 environmental issues, odor management Proceedings of 2002 International Symposium on Composting and Composting Utilization Columbus, OH (May 2002).

Son, H.Y., B.A. Striebig and R.W. Regan. Importance of Water Content in Biofiltration for Odor Treatment. Biocycle, Journal of Composting and Utilization, 43, 1, 48-50 (January 2001).

Simpkin, T. and R.W. Regan. Microbial Ecology. Manual of Practice for Wastewater Microbiology. (The Habitat). Chapter 2, 7-16 (2000).

Regan, R.W. and M.J. Gerardi. Microscopy as a Diagnostic Tool. Manual of Practice for Wastewater Microbiology. (The Habitat). WEF, Chapter 3, 21(2000).

Tikalsky, P.J., Smith, E., and Regan, R.W. Proportioning Spent Casting Sand in Controlled Low Strength Materials, Journal American Concrete Institute, 95, 6, 740-746 (November/December 1998).

Voigt, R.C., Regan, R.W., and Schacht, D.J. Controlling Green Sand Properties with Environmentally Beneficial Phosphate Additives, AFS Transactions (1998).

Regan, R.W., Tikalsky, P.J., and Voigt, R.C. Beneficial Use of Fine Foundry Aggregate: Three Promising Options, AFS Transactions (1998).

Regan, R.W., Heaney, M., J.D. Dunkelberger, J.D. Beneficial Use Options: Customer's Perspective. Modern Casting, 45-47 (August 1997).

Dunkelberger, J.D. and Regan, R.W. Evaluation of Excess Systems Sand as a Growing Mix Amendment, AFS Transactions, pp. 305-316 (1997).

Regan, R.W. and Voigt, R.C. Working with the Regulators for the Beneficial Use of Foundry Residuals, Proceedings of the 28th Mid-Atlantic Industrial Waste Conference, Buffalo (July 1996).

Kauffman, P., Regan, R.W., and Voigt, R.C. Survey of State Regulations for Beneficial Use of Foundry Residuals, AFS Transactions, (1996) AFS Best Paper Award.

Echard, J.B., Regan, R.W., and Voigt, R.C. Environmental Impact of Foundry Residuals: Pennsylvania Beneficial Use Approach, AFS Transactions, 103:463-468 (1995) AFS Best Paper Award.