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About Happy Valley

You already know that Penn State is praised as one of the best universities in the world – especially in engineering – but that’s just the start. State College – also known as Happy Valley – makes an appearance on many Best Of lists because of its friendly and vibrant atmosphere, rich connection to education, and natural beauty.

#2: Smartest Cities

(Lumosity, 2013)

#2: Best Colleges in Pennsylvania

(Niche, 2015)

#2: Best College Town

(Wallet Hub, 2014)

#3: Best College Towns

(American Institute for Economic Research, 2013)

#3: Safest Metropolitan Areas in the United States

(CQ Press, 2013)

#4: Most Secure Small Cities in America

(population less than 150,000)

(Farmers Insurance, 2013)

#10: Best Cities for Entrepreneurs

(, 2016)

#10: Healthiest Colleges in America

(, 2014)

Central Pennsylvania truly has something for everyone: natural beauty, culture, food, and a great night life for those times you just need a little break.

Expenditures: Penn State Engineering rands third in the ranking of N S F and S & E research expenditures. U.S. News & World Report: Penn State Engineering's graduate programs ranked twenty-fifth in the 2015 America's Best Graduate Schools.
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