female undergraduate students at work in the learning factory workshop

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Engineers are creative problem solvers who make our lives better by designing and producing things that benefit people. They apply mathematical and scientific principles to find solutions to the challenges facing our society.

Look around you. An engineer has likely been involved in developing most of the things you see. The homes we live in, the cars we drive, the highways we navigate, the technology we rely upon, the healthcare we need — they all need engineering to make them happen.

So, what kind of engineer do you want to be? A Penn State Engineer, of course!

Penn State offers one of the broadest ranges of engineering majors you’ll find anywhere.

Why is that important to you? A wide variety of choices ensures that when you are ready to apply for your major, you can find the path that’s best for you!

Engineering at Penn State helps you go beyond what is currently known, opening up a world of limitless possibilities for you.

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