graduate programs in engineering

Program Portfolio

For nearly 125 years, the Penn State College of Engineering has prepared students for impactful careers as practicing engineers, managers, researchers, and educators in industry, academia, government, and beyond.

WE ARE // Expanding Our Online Portfolio: In partnership with Penn State World Campus, the College of Engineering offers multiple online master’s programs and graduate certificates for working students, with many more forthcoming.

Our graduate portfolio spans an array of highly ranked discipline areas with multiple program types and delivery formats to support your personal and career growth.

Master of Engineering (M.Eng)

Gain technical and practical skills to enhance your marketability to employers and accelerate career growth. Depending on the discipline area, Penn State offers residential or online M.Eng. options with various accelerated programs that can be completed within a year.

Master of Science (M.S.)

Focus on expanding your research capabilities as a pathway to an eventual Ph.D. or to prepare for research-focused roles in industry, government, and other sectors. Penn State offers M.S. experiences that culminate in a thesis, as well as one-year, non-thesis options. M.S. research students are sometimes considered for assistantships.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Requiring completion of a dissertation based on original research, our doctoral programs prepare students to uncover and develop new knowledge. Penn State doctoral graduates compete for coveted faculty positions at top research universities and work in areas such as industrial and government research labs or entrepreneurial ventures. Doctoral students are also considered for fellowships, assistantships, and scholarships.

Graduate Certificates

These nine- or twelve-credit, non-degree offerings are designed to deepen skills and add knowledge in a specific domain area. Graduate certificate coursework — most typically offered online — can sometimes be applied to the requirements of a master’s program.

“This is what I went to graduate school for. I just really want to help people, especially in the medical field.”

— Kelilah Wolkowicz, ’18 Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering