Financial Aid and Scholarships

The College of Engineering is not directly involved in any matters of financial aid, including student loans, federal and state grants, or work-study. All applicants to Penn State, regardless of campus, should refer to the Office of Student Aid for that information.

The College does administer endowed and corporate scholarships for engineering students based on criteria including major, interest, merit, and financial need.

Even if you are not offered a scholarship at the time of admission, you may be offered one in the future. Scholarships that are not based on financial need will be awarded based on cumulative GPA and any other criteria specified by the terms of the scholarship endowment. Departments also consider students for major-specific scholarships at the time that students are admitted to their majors, typically after the spring semester of the second year.

College of Engineering Scholarships

The College of Engineering administers certain endowed and corporate scholarships for prospective engineering students. These scholarships are highly competitive due to the limited endowment. All students who are offered admission to the College of Engineering as first-year students are automatically considered for these scholarships on the basis of their academic credentials, without regard to financial need. No applications are required.

Continuing students are also eligible for endowed and corporate scholarships after they complete at least two semesters at Penn State. No applications are required for these awards, which are awarded on the basis of the cumulative grade point average earned at Penn State.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Both first-year and continuing students are invited to apply for scholarships offered by corporations, the University, the College, or individual departments. These lists are continuously updated with scholarships details, eligibility requirements, and application deadlines. Check back frequently so you don’t miss a scholarship opportunity.

Departmental Scholarships

Each department in the College of Engineering is responsible for awarding scholarships that are designated for students in a major. The following departments require an application for scholarship consideration:

For other majors, students should contact the department office for scholarship criteria and availability of funds.