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Thesis Proposal



Thesis Proposal

This Thesis Proposal outlines the topics for which I plan to conduct research and analyze during the Spring 2009 Semester.  Overall there are five research topics outlined in this proposal.  Each topic is described through the independently with a problem statement, goal, research steps and expected outcome.  Following the conclusion section at the end of this document is the Weight Matrix which outlines the distribution of my efforts as I conduct my research and deliver my final report. 

Thesis Proposal Revision 01.16.2009

Thesis Proposal Revision 03.18.2009

Thesis Breadths

Thesis Breadths Revised 03.18.2009

While completing the in depth construction management analyses for the UPMC Passavant Pavilion and Addition I plan on also investigating other areas of the Architectural Engineering discipline.  These breadth studies will be part of a larger construction management investigation and they are briefly explained below. 

Structural Breadth

The proposed structural breadth for this Thesis Proposal is an analysis of the structural implications of utilizing a precast concrete sandwich panel in lieu of masonry brick veneer as part of the exterior cladding.

Architectural Breadth

The proposed architectural breadth for this Thesis Proposal is related to the above structural breadth as it also deals with the changing of the brick veneer cladding. This analysis will investigate how this change will affect the aesthetics of the building exterior when the precast panels are utilized in lieu of the metal wall panels.








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