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Thesis Research


 The Center for Construction Research and Training. The Construction Chart Book. Silver Spring,Md.: CPWR, 2008

The Construction Chart Book was utilized to determine the median age of construction workers for the Mobile Information Technology portion of my thesis.

“Best Practices in Construction Document Control.” FASTTAC. 2009. <http://www.fasttac.com/resp/0901>. 02/12/2009.

The above reference is a white paper written by FASTTAC that outlines many of the uses and advantages of utilizing mobile information technology in construction.

“New Wiring.” The Economist. January 13, 2000. www.economist.com

"New Wiring" described a study in which Economist Magazine found that up to 30% of a construction project's cost can be attributed to untimely and inaccurate information.


Nitterhouse Concrete was a great resource for information pertaining to the use of precast concrete wall panels.


FASTTAC is a developer of mobile information technology for the construction industry and was a great help in the completion of my Senior Thesis.








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