Passavant Pavilion

Pittsburgh, Pa
Jeremy McGrath | Construction Management


Technical Assignments


 Technical Assignment #1: This technical assignment was meant to familiarize me with the conditions under which UPMC Passavant is being constructed and the scope of work for the project. The background information will provide me with the constraints and opportunities which affect the design and construction processes.

 Technical Assignment #2: In this technical assignment a detailed schedule and superstructure estimate were prepared for the Passavant Pavilion. A general conditions estimate and site logistics plan were also created. Through the completion of these exercises I was able to get a better understanding of the schedule and cost issues related to the project.

Technical Assignment #3: In this technical assignment three main points of interest were explored. These included constructability challenges, schedule acceleration, and value engineering. Each of these areas were investigated in depth and suggestions were made. This report also explores problematic areas of UPMC Passavant. After investigating these areas technical analysis methods were developed in order to further explore and offer alternatives to these problems. Through the completion of this report I will have a basic foundation for which to begin my thesis research.







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