Mark Zuidema

University of California - Rady School of Management
San Diego, CA

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Thesis Proposal

The proposal describes several different viable options for the redesign of the Rady School of Management's mechanical system. The options are assessed, and a final decision is made as to which one will most likely result in the best design under these conditions. The report then discusses why each system was chosen. Along with this, two breadth topics are discussed and justified as to why they were chosen. A tentative work schedule for the Spring 2010 semester is also established to help complete work on time.

Revised Proposal

The Rady School of Management has been thoroughly analyzed in my previous three thechnical reports. Now that I am familiar with the building's design, it is possible to propose a redesign of the mechanical system. The redesign will involve an active chilled beam system working in sync with a dedicated outdoor air system in order to reduce the cost of operation and harmful emissions. A ground source heat pump will also be considered to help further increase the efficiency of this system. Along with this, breadth topics are also proposed to help determine if this redesign will really be beneficial to all parts of the building's systems.

Breadth Topics

CM Breadth

If these systems are to be installed in the building, it is necessary to calculate the cost and time of construction.  By analyzing the cost and impact on schedule that each of these systems will cause, it should become evident which system, or combination of systems, will be the most practical.  Chilled beam and DOAS systems usually have a low cost of installation, but ground source heat pumps do not.  This breadth topic will be most helpful in deciding if GSHPs should be used, as well as the payback period for the installed system.

Electrical Breadth

If any or all of these systems were installed in this building it should significantly reduce electrical loads.  Many mechanical system components will either be reduced in size, or eliminated all together.  This will result in a smaller electrical load and less wiring required.  In addition to resizing the wiring, circuit breakers could also be reduced in size.  This will help calculate how much this type of system can save in terms of material, and help demonstrate the how much changing the mechanical system can impact electrical design.  All electrical components that feed part of the mechanical system will be investigated to determine if they can be altered or eliminated.

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