Mark Zuidema

University of California - Rady School of Management
San Diego, CA

This is a student-generated Capstone Project e-Portfolio (CPEP) produced in conjunction with the AE Senior Thesis e-Studio.

Welcome to Mark Zuidema's AE Senior Thesis e-Portfolio


ABET Outcome Survey

AE 481W/482 Reflection

It has been a long greuling process to get here, but looking back it has really helped me develop as an engineer. This project was the challenge I needed to give me a kick in the butt to learn more about the industry. It has also provided me with a big confidence boost. Knowing that I can complete a task like this makes other challenges in life seem easy in comparison. The biggest lesson I got out of it though definitely has to be not to procrastinate. Waiting doesn't make anything easier, only harder. You mine as well just face these types of challenges head on and not try and put them off because eventually your going to have to do it anyway. It has also been a testament to what I can accomplish if I really put my mind to it.

CPEP and Discussion Board Reflection

Maintaining a website with all of my work and progress has been time consuming but well worth it. In the future it will be nice to be able to go back and view the work I have done. I also believe that it will provide me with a good way to guage my development in the working world compared to where I was at the end of college. It is also nice to be able to see what everyone else has done in the past and what will be done in the future. The discussion boards were also helpful for answering any problems that were encountered during the project.

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