derek Stoecklein | Construction management option | 2012-2013

Fabric Duct System

Analysis one includes a mechanical breadth and the implementation of a fabric duct system within the arena trusses. This is a very common system for sporting arena and large recreational centers due to its high level of efficiency and flexibility. Applying this system at Tiger Arena could greatly help improve the safety and quality of site logistics, as well as provide potential cost and schedule savings.

Prefabricated Terra Cotta Wall Panels

Analysis two looks at the potential benefits of prefabricating Terra Cotta wall panels. Utilizing prefabrication for a large part of the exterior of Tiger Arena will help greatly to increase site logistics and safety. The current system requires a lot of staging and storage room onsite for the terra cotta panels. With all the terra cotta being prefabricated offsite in a controlled environment will relieve the site of this demand for space and help to increase flow and productivity around the site as well as increase the time it takes to close in the arena for interior work to begin.

Production Planning of MEP Sytems in the Trusses

Analysis three explores LEAN construction and the how production planning can improve or increase quality, schedule, and value to the customer. Production planning has many functions such as utilization of resources, steady flow of production, provide better work environment, ensure optimum inventory, and reduction in production costs. All the functions of production planning will be analyzed to help improve the overall production of the MEP systems within the trusses.

Cisco StadiumVision

The final analysis includes an electrical breadth and involves the research of Cisco’s new StadiumVision, a new, innovative application for sporting venues that helps promote fan engagement and growth. Cisco has been an industry leader with technology and innovative designs geared to provide a higher level of customer service and create a better business model. The integration of a system like this to the already advanced and cutting edge arena would set Towson U apart from the rest and continue to aid in the growth of the university and basketball program.

Mechanical Breadth

A mechanical breadth will allow for analysis of the existing system and how it may change, upgrade or downgrade, with a new system being installed. Not only could the equipment change but the required service load could change, either increasing or decreasing the operation cost of the system. All of these areas will be analyzed and compared to the existing system through a mechanical breadth.

Electrical Breadth

The addition of a system like Cisco StadiumVision this may have a huge demand for electricity, weather low voltage or high voltage integration. The largest demand will be called on by the servers necessary to communicate the information to all the stadium vision platforms around Tiger Arena. Not only could there be an increase in electric demand but the data needed for the devices to communicate and stream content would greatly increase. Through a detailed electrical breadth, all these potential issues will be identified analyzed, and a proper supplementation will be provided.

Schedule and Planning Matrix

Additionally, included in this report you will find a weighted matrix detailing the emphasis expected to be spent on each analysis topic. Lastly, a detailed schedule outlines the expected work timeline and milestone dates to be followed during the Spring 2013 semester.