derek Stoecklein | Construction management option | 2012-2013

Senior Thesis Reflection


AE 481 and AE 482 also known as Senior Thesis, has been a great experience. Through the past year I have learned a great deal about how to analysis and understand a building and all its systems. Senior Thesis helps to pull the potential out of the students and shape them for a successful young career. All the hours and planning spent to complete the assignments required help in time management skills, organization, and analytical thinking. All these skills are critical for success in the industry. Overall, the experience I had during my Senior Thesis has been a memorable one that I plan to use as a foundation as I move towards a profession in Construction Management.



CPEP Reflection


The Capstone E-Portfolio (CPEP) was a rewarding experience. I learned how to convey information in a concise and esthetically pleasing fashion. Through the year, we were faced with the challenge of maintain out CPEP as we produced Technical Reports, Abstract Board, Building Statistics and other items. Although this was a challenge to manage the updating of the CPEP as well as continually completing out Senior Thesis work, it proves to be a great reference and visual aid for anyone that’s interested in viewing our work. In conclusion, our CPEPs are a lasting archive of information we have worked so hard to obtain over the past year and I hope it proves valuable to the future Senior Thesis student.