Senior Thesis Proposal


Proposal:Revison I.........................................



For the mechanical depth of this thesis the following will be investigated...

>Offices shall be designed with a chilled beam system rather than an VAV system, and a return air system shall be implemented. This will be modeled in Trane Trace to show energy savings.

>Labs shall be provided with an Aircuity air quality management system to turn down supply air volumes in times of low room contamination. This shall also be modeled in Trane Trace to dertermine operational energy savings from a lower average supply to each lab area.

Breadth 1:Electrical

The mechanical depth proposals for chilled beams and aircuity shall affect the electrical design of 75 Ames in a multitude of ways. For example possible resizing of air handing units and chillers could cause an increase or decrease the amount electricity needed, and a new electrical supply design will need to be designed. The use of chilled beams as well may increase the use of electricity. An electrical analysis will be done to the power needed by the newly designed building compared to the existing and any resizing in electrical equipment that may need to be revised. The electrical breadth will also supply a single line diagram of the how the new equipment shall be fed electricity.


Breadth 2:Structural

The newly sized and new equipment placed in the penthouse changes the load on the floor. There is a potential for savings if smaller structural elements can be used for a lesser load that may be seen on the new flooring system. An analysis will determine if in fact a new/less expensive floor system can be utilized for the lesser loads.



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