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Building Statistics

PART I - Building Information


Building Name: 2B + G + M + 7 Development at Mansoura
Location: Mansoura, Doha Qatar
Building Occupant Name: Mrs. Fakhriya Ismail Radhwani
Size: 106,000 Gross Square Feet
No. of stories: 9 stories above grade & 2 stories below grade for Parking
Dates of Construction: April 15, 2013 - 24 Months for completion
Cost: $7M (Overall Project Cost)

Text Box: Project Team
Project Delivery Method: Lump Sum Method
Building Owner: Mrs. Fakhriya Ismail Radhwani
Architect: Petra Design (Architect: Mahmoud El Salti)

Contractor: Commitment Construction (Engineer: Mohammed Khaleel)



Mansoura area in Doha, Qatar is a mixed-use development, consisting of low-end residential apartments, office buildings and retail stores. In an effort to attract more residents and bring in more business to the area, the whole area will be renovated with new residential and office buildings which will incorporate restaurants, retail stores and public gathering places which will be situated on the ground floor of most of the buildings.

The building in construction is a 9 story residential building that is around 106,000 square feet. The building plan is of a rectangular shape, with a curtain wall system in its façade. The ground and mezzanine floors are intended for commercial use, while the remainder of the building will be used for residential. The building was created to bring in more business and increase the demand in the area, subsequently increasing interest and investment with the development of the region.

The building contains many aluminum tubular decorative ornaments that help make the building aesthetically pleasing. There is a wall projection from the ground up to the fifth floor, which gives the building its unique design.

There are no zoning restrictions in the Mansoura area of Qatar. No Building codes are required and furhermore this building has no historical requirements.

Building Enclosure

The building façade of the residential building contains a combination of concrete and powder coated finish aluminum frame with double pane glazed window. The boundary wall is made up of Cast in Place Concrete that is 10" thick, and acts as both the exterior and interior walls of the building. Paint is directly applied on to the concrete wall as a decorative finish.


The roof is made up of concrete slab with a waterproofing membrane, solar shield protection and EPDM (in white) as a roof finish. The solar shield protection offers many benefits such as reducing energy costs and increases the life span of the roof. It was implemented due to the intensity of the sunlight given throughout the year in Qatar, especially during the summer months. A machine room is located on the roof.

 Sustainability Features

No major active and passive sustainability features as of yet. No recycling of materials noted. Contractor currently studying Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (similar to LEED) in order to create a sustainable built envireonment that minimizes ecological impact.

PART II - Project Engineering Systems



The Mansoura Development project is under a 24month construction schedule, with a substantial completion date of 1st May, 2015.The delivery method implemented for the project is Lump Sum Method, since it was easier to manage the project and control the cash flow. There are no sub contractors on this project, as Commitment Construction is performing the project as the sole contractor.


The whole building is structured using Cast in Place Concrete. It is the structural support acting as beams, columns, floors, walls and roof. It serves the exterior façade and interior walls. The reason for the use of this system is due to its long term durability and structural support. Unformed surfaces will be protected by a 1000 guage polythene sheet to assist in the retention of water. All concrete blocks will have a minimum compressive strength of 7 N/mm2 (1000 psi). The reinforcement for the concrete will be high steel of minimum yield point of 420 N/mm2 (60 ksi). Furthermore a curtain wall system is used partly on all façades of the building. Installation of this system is identical throughout the building and is comprised of powder coated finish aluminum frame and double pane glazed window with reflected glass on the outer pane and clear glass on the inner pane with an air gap.


The mechanical system being used is a DX Split Type Air Conditioning Unit. The basement areas (Underground Parking) are ventillated with Impulse Jet Fans, smoke extract fans and fresh air fans to help reduce level of polluted air and help extraction of smoke in event of a fire. The residential apartments are ventillated using exhaust fans and wall mounted propeller fans. Lastly the staircase and lobby are pressurized with roof mounted emergency ventillation fans.


The total connected load provided is 1466.40 KW, with a maximum demand load for the building being 1128.52 KW. The transformer provided by the utility company is at 1600 KVA. the main switchboard at 2500 A feeds the entire building via a bus bar (power concentrated for distribution). The current flows through the main switchboard and is then split into 17 breakers to be distributed to the whole building. Sub maain switch boards (SMDB) are used throughout each breaker. Two of the 17 breakers further split into 2 similar bus bars rated at 630 A to feed the apartments starting on the fourth floor, continuing on to the seventh floor. Reason for this was to improve reliability and eliminate wiring errors.


The lighting for the Mansoura Development utilizes different luminaire types to supply the different areas of the building. Underground Parking (Basements) are mainly supplied with 1x36 Wall mounted Fluorescent lighting fixtures. 4x18 Fluorescent lighting with prismatic diffusers is the main type of lighting fixtures within the Ground and Mezzanine floors (Commercial use). Lastly for the residential side of the building (Floors 1-7), 18 Watt TLC downlight lighting and Compact flourescent lighting fixtures will be utilized. Further detail regarding specific lighting fixtures will be provided at a later date.

Fire Protection

Fire suppression is used throughout the building, due to being a residential and commercial use. Staircase/Lobby are pressurized, sprinklers are utilized throughout the building, and most assemblies have a fire rating of two hours as a minimum. The fire pump complies with the requirements of NFPA 20. Pipe work conforms to ASTM A53.


There are 2 elevators located in the center (core) of the building. It holds a capacity of 11 people each. Along with the elevators will be 2 emergency stairs also located in the center (core) of the building which will provide residents and visitors access to the different floors within the building.


As of yet, the Mansoura Development has a typical communication systems; voice and data cabling running to each room on all floors. From the ground floor, cabling is distributed to each floor. Qatar Telecommunication provide voice and data service to the Mansoura Development.




Note: While great efforts have been taken to provide accurate and complete information on the pages of CPEP, please be aware that the information contained herewith is considered a work-in-progress for this thesis project. Modifications and changes related to the original building designs and construction methodologies for this senior thesis project are soley the interpretation of Quaid Spearing. Changes and discrepancies in no way imply that the original design contained errors or was flawed. Differing assumptions, code references, requirements, and methodologies have been incorporated into this thesis project; therefore, investigation results may vary from the original design

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