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8/30/2013 Building Statistics draft
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Tessa Bauman is currently in her 5th year of Architectural Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. She will graduate with a bachelor of Architectural Engineering with the focus of mechanical building systems in August 2014. She is to complete the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam in October of 2014 to gain E.I.T. status.



Academically, Tessa’s areas of interest include mechanical design and mechanical contracting. The knowledge gained from the architectural engineering program has allowed Tessa to gain specific insight into the building industry. Coursework has varied from the business side of bid applications to the design stage with 3D BIM. Tessa has been able to focus on the entire mechanical design process from the client’s needs to final construction.





Other than keeping up with the latest industry trends, Tessa enjoys a good game of tennis with friends. Sewing has also been a passion for her. She has completed projects ranging from new couch cushions to formal dresses.