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5/05/2014 Reflection
5/05/2014 Final Report
5/05/2014 Presentation
1/17/2014 Revised Proposal
12/17/2013 Proposal
11/11/2013 Tech Assignment 3
10/23/2013 Thesis Abstract
10/23/2013 Building Statistics part 2
10/04/2013 Tech Assignment 2
9/19/2013 Tech Assignment 1
9/18/2014 Building Statistics part 1
9/04/2013 Bio Updated
9/04/2013 CPEP Site Launched
8/30/2013 Building Statistics draft
8/19/2013 Owner Permission Obtained

































These two Penn State courses have led to my most crucial educational achievement. The Architectural Engineering Thesis has allowed me to bring together all of the material learned over the years into one single project. The mechanical system design has provided me with a greater understanding of the industry and of building practices. The design of a solar hot water system has allowed me to understand the true cost of the system. The courses have given me a solid beginning into the professional world of building design.






The CPEP website has been a useful tool in the explanation of my project to professors and peers. It has allowed me to organize my results in a cohesive manner so that more people can learn from my thesis findings. This site also provides useful knowledge for younger AE students to better understand what is expected of them in the following years.





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