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Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program (TESL)

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Welcome to the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program. Founded in 1987, JET has sent more than 70,000 participants from around the globe (including more than 35,800 Americans) to work in schools, boards of education, and government offices throughout Japan. What makes JET unique is that it is the only teaching exchange program managed by the government of Japan. With more than 55 countries around the world currently participating in JET, this program offers a unique cultural exchange opportunity to meet people from all around the world, living and working in Japan. Before departing for Japan and upon return, there are a number of JET alumni organizations that host social, volunteer and professional development activities to help individuals through the transition process.


All applicants must:

Be interested in Japan and be willing to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Japan after their arrival; be motivated to participate in and initiate international exchange activities in the local community; make effort to study or continue studying the Japanese language prior to and after arriving in Japan.
Be both mentally and physically healthy.
Be a citizen of the United States by the application deadline. If you are a permanent resident of the U.S. (living in the U.S. but not a U.S. citizen) you are not eligible to apply for the JET Program in the United States. Please contact the Embassy of Japan in your home country for information. Those who possess dual citizenship with Japan and the U.S. must renounce their Japanese citizenship before accepting a position on the JET Program and submitting the Reply Form. Applicants who have dual citizenship in two countries (other than Japan) may only apply in one of those countries.
Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or obtain such qualifications by June 24th, 2022.
Have the ability to adapt to living and working conditions in Japan, which could be significantly different from those experienced in the applicant’s home country, and be able to responsibly complete the term of appointment.
Have excellent standard pronunciation, rhythm, intonation in the English language and possess excellent language ability that can be applied accurately and appropriately; have voice projection skills and public speaking skills; have other standard language skills, including strong writing skills and correct grammar usage.
Have not participated in the JET Program for three years prior to the application year (a JET who returned in or before 2019 is eligible to apply again for the 2022 JET Program, but a JET who departed in 2019 is not eligible) or have participated on the program for more than six (6) years in total.
Have not declined a position with the JET Program in the last program year after receiving notification of placement.
Not have lived in Japan for a total of six (6) or more years in the past ten (10) years prior to the year of departure.
Have an interest maintaining some type of relations with Japan, even after completion of the Program.
Agree to reside in Japan under the status of residence stipulated in Article 2-2 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Act when entering Japan for the purpose of JET Program participation (this applies primarily to military personnel or their dependents in Japan).
Obey all Japanese laws.
Have finished any periods of legal probation and/or paid any fines by the application deadline if a jail term was suspended.
In addition to 1 through 13 above, ALT applicants must:

Be interested in working with students Pre-K through 12th grade;
Be strongly motivated to learn about the teaching of English as a foreign language. To that end, possessing teaching qualifications will be a benefit on your application, although it is not required.
Be interested in the Japanese education system and particularly English as a foreign language instruction in Japan;
In addition to 1 through 13 above, CIR applicants must:

Have a strong, functional command of the Japanese language (ability equivalent to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N1 or N2 is desirable). It is strongly recommended that prospective CIR applicants take a moment to review the Japanese Language Proficiency Test guidelines and sample questions as means of determining ability level. CIR applicants are not required to have passed the actual JLPT N1 or N2 level exam, but should have language ability sufficient to do so.

Terms of Award:

JET Program representatives visit college career fairs and hold on-campus information sessions. This is an opportunity for applicants to learn more about the Program from alumni who have experienced life on JET Program and can answer questions about the application process.

Please Submit:

The JET Application Package and Guidelines will be provided in the JET Program’s Online Application Portal during the fall application period. We only accept applications submitted in this way. We do not accept resumes or other documents other than those outlined in the 2024 Application Guidelines.

Online Application: