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Humanitarian Service Award

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Outstanding Service to citizens of PA


The Education Committee is charged with conducting FOBA business that is of an educational nature. Its star project is the annual Fannie Lou Hamer - W.E.B. DuBois scholarship contest. This year a $1000 scholarship will be awarded in January.


Applicant must be a full time, degree-seeking undergraduate student with more than 24 accumulated credit hours and a 3.0 GPA. Additionally student must be enrolled at a Penn State campus at the time of application and in the subsequent Spring semester. In completing this application you affirm that you meet the requirements.

Terms of Award:

Please Submit:

Applicants must include the following:

A complete the online application form

A written respond to one of the two essay prompts

A proposal that identifies a challenge in the African American community

A letter of recommendation from a faculty members and/or professional who can address the applicant’s level of scholarship, interpersonal skills, leadership ability, communication skills, and character. Letter of recommendation must be emailed to by recommender by application deadline.

Online Application: