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Recycling Research Foundation National Scholarship

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The Recycling Research Foundation (RRF) is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization closely associated with the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI). Our mission is to "promote the art and science of scrap processing and recycling through research, sponsorships, technical assistance, and educational programs for the purpose of advancing the industry."

The U.S. scrap recycling industry is a sophisticated industry that completes the recycling chain between obsolete materials and new manufacturing. The industry itself is both labor and mechanically intensive, as scrap recyclers take old and new scrap metal, paper, plastics, electronics, textiles, glass, and rubber, and sort it into tradable and highly-valued commodities that manufacturers use as raw material to make new products. Scrap recyclersprocess more than 130 million tons of recyclable material each year into raw materials used in manufacturing around the world. For more than 200 years, scrap recycling has been, and continues to be, integral to the U.S. economy, global trade, the environment, and sustainable development.


1. The applicant must be admitted to an accredited graduate educational institution as listed by the U.S. Department of Education at Furthermore, the applicant must be taking courses toward a graduate degree.

2. The applicant should be studying in one of the following fields listed below. However, if the applicant’s field of study is not listed and he or she feels it should be included, an application may still be submitted, provided it includes an essay answering how the field of study is applicable to the industry as a whole.

--Architectural Engineering and Construciton Science
--Chemical Engineering
--Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering
--Environmental Engineering
--Industrial engineering
--Mechanical Engineering
--Software Engineering

Terms of Award:

$5,000 scholarship through our not-for-profit organization: Recycling Research Foundation (RRF)

2. Awards will be announced and notifications sent by late August.3.

3. Once approved, the scholarship awards will be sent to the respective schools based on the information provided in the application. Checks will be made payable to schools, not students, and will be mailed by late August to early September.

Please Submit:

1. A copy of your college transcripts
2. Up to 3 letters of recommendation. We understand that you may have been out of school for quite some time, however, we ask that you try to submit at least one letter of recommendation from a former professor.

Questions: Call 202.662.8500 and ask to speak to the Recycling Research Foundation Liaison.
3. An essay about why your field should be considered or added to the eligibility requirements if it is not currently listed there.

Online Application: