Scholarship Details

Ron and Laura Pingel Scholarship

Application Deadline:



U.S. Military Veteran interested in CH E


To provide recognigion and financial assistance to outstanding Undergraduate students enrolled or planning to enroll in the College of Engineering who have a demonstrated need for funds to meet their necessary college expenses.


Enrolled or planning to enroll in the College of Engineering at Penn State
Completed FAFSA form
Veteran who is a former member of the U.S. Armed Forces who served on full-time active duty
Preference to students planning to major in Chemical Engineering

Terms of Award:

Up to $2300 per year
maintain 3.0 cum GPA

Please Submit:

Cover letter to include information as follows:
1. How many years since you separated from active duty?
2. What branch of the military?
3. How many enlistment periods have you completed?
4. Did you receive an honorable discharge?
5. Were you discharged before the first enlistment period because of a service related disability?
6. Was your first tour extended?
7. What date did you separate from active duty?
9. Attach Resume with a copy of your Discharge (DD214)
10. Intended Engineering Major

Pingel Scholarship Committee
College of Engineering
102A Hammond Buildijng
University Park, PA 16802

Online Application: