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The Udall Foundation seeks future leaders in environmental fields as well as Native American and Alaska Native leaders in Native American health care and Tribal public policy. Environmental fields span policy, engineering, science, education, urban planning and renewal, business, health, justice, and economics. Tribal policy includes fields related to tribal sovereignty, tribal governance, tribal law, Native American education, Native American justice, natural resource management, cultural preservation and revitalization, Native American economic development, and other areas affecting Native American communities. Native American health care includes healthcare administration, social work, medicine, and research into health conditions affecting Native American communities. Udall Scholars are given the tools necessary to become the next generation of leaders across a wide spectrum of environmental fields or Native American issues.


About the Scholarship - Who Should Apply
Are you working towards positive solutions to environmental challenges or to issues impacting Indian country?
Have you demonstrated your commitment to one of these areas through public service?
Do you inspire and motivate others to take action?
Are you committed to making a difference through civility and consensus building?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, the Udall Scholarship may be right for you. Click on the category that best fits your interests and goals to find out more.

Terms of Award:

The Udall Scholarship provides

Access to the Udall Alumni Network: an association of change-makers, working in Indian country and environmental fields, sharing innovative ideas, professional advice, and job and internship opportunities.
Five days in Tucson, Arizona, at Scholar Orientation: extending your professional network, meeting other scholars and alumni, and learning new skills.
Up to $7,000 for eligible academic expenses. (See our FAQs for scholarship award benefits and conditions.)

Please Submit:

Your Udall application will consist of:

An 11-question application;
An 800-word essay on a speech, legislative act, book, or public policy statement by either Morris K. Udall or Stewart L. Udall and its impact on your interests and goals;
Transcripts for all college coursework; and
Three letters of recommendation that speak to your leadership, public service and academic achievements.
Additional documentation is required for applicants in tribal public policy and health care, and for U.S. permanent residents.

The university is allowed to nominate up to four applicants for the environment option, and an additional four combined for the two Native options, so there is an internal selection process.

To be considered for nomination applicants must submit their applications through Udall's application portal AND send materials directly to the Fellowships Office. The materials submitted via Udall's application portal are:

A completed online Udall Scholarship Application
An 800-word essay on a speech, legislative act, book, or public policy statement by either Morris K. or Stewart L. Udall & its impact on your interests & goals or 321 Boucke Bldg.

Apply - How to Apply
Step 1: Determine if the Udall Scholarship is right for you. Review About the Scholarship and Who Should Apply pages.

Step 2: Find your Facultyrep. Only your school’s Udall faculty representative can give you access to the online application. Contact your faculty rep today; many schools have internal deadlines up to six months earlier than the Udall Foundation’s submission deadline of 3/3/2022.

Step 3: Review the sample application. The Udall Scholarship is a highly competitive award; start now so that you can prepare the best application possible. Work closely with your faculty rep as you revise your application.

Step 4: Request your letters of recommendation and transcripts. Visit our FAQs to learn more.

Step 5: Revise, revise, revise. Visit Advice and Guidance for additional information.

Online Application: