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Anderson Summer Internship

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BME students interested in cancer prevention research


The Cancer Prevention Research Training Program (CPRTP) Summer Research Experience is a paid internship designed to provide research experience and mentoring for undergraduate, graduate, and health profession students interested in cancer prevention research. Fellowship term is Jun. 7 - Aug. 13, 2021.


Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident and legally approved to be in the United States during the entire length of the summer program.

Must have one of the following designations for the fall semester of the program year:

Undergraduate junior or Undergraduate senior
Graduate student
Doctoral student
Medical or Pharm.D. students (see Medical and PharmD Applicants below)

Must be enrolled in a degree program at a degree-granting United States institution, during both the spring and fall semesters of the program year (including postbacs) and must show proof of enrollment for the spring semester of the program year.

Must have an interest in cancer prevention reflected within the personal statement.

Must commit to the full 10-week program, and not be involved in other summer employment, testing, internships, or course work.

Students transitioning to graduate, medical, or an advanced degree program during the fall semester of the program year must provide: 1) proof of application OR 2) proof of acceptance into a medical, graduate, or degree-granting program in the form of an acceptance letter. This applies to students who will graduate in the May prior to the start of the summer program.

Terms of Award:

This internship pays $15 per hour (up to $600/week) less federal tax deductions and is funded by the National Cancer Institute R25E grant award (R25-CA056452, Dr. Shine Chang, Principal Investigator).

While participating in the program, students are expected to work full-time, 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and 40 hours per week. Awardees should not participate in concurrent employment or courses during this program.

Students will not receive health benefits, paid vacation or holiday pay.

Additional benefits include up to $1,000 for research support funds, round-trip airfare to Houston, Texas to participate in the program, and housing assistance for qualified applicants. Applicants must indicate housing plans in the Discover application. Paychecks are issued the 5th and the 20th of each month in the form of mandatory electronic direct deposit.

Please Submit:

To launch the electronic application in the Discover system, click the 'apply here' link in the red box located at the top of this web page after November 1. Users will receive a user ID and must establish a password. Be sure to document the userID and password, as each application to the MD Anderson Summer Experience requires it's own unique user ID.

Three (3) phases make up the application process. Successful applicants of Phase 1 (New Application) are considered awardees and accepted into the summer program. After acceptance, awardees must complete Phase 2 (Recommendation) which includes immunizations, and Phase 3 (Appointment Contract), which includes online orientation, employment authorization, and identification badge photo submission. For details, read the CPRTP Summer Program FAQs.

Application Documents & Phases
Phase 1: New Application (this phase is completed by all applicants):

Discover application
Curriculum vitae (CV) or Resume
Personal statement: Two (2) pages required + 1 additional page of a minimum of 6 mentor choices)
Unofficial transcript reflecting the current semester or scanned copy of the official transcript
Two (2) letters of recommendation
Phase 2: Recommendation (completed by awardees):

Proof of enrollment for the spring semester of the program year
NOTE: Students graduating in May of the program year and transitioning to graduate, medical, or other degree program, must also upload a copy of PROOF OF APPLICATION or PROOF OF ACCEPTANCE into a degree program, as a separate document.
Notification of personal and criminal history background check form
Release of liability form
Immunization compliance
Phase 3: Appointment Contract (completed by awardees):

Appointment letter
Media release form
Photograph for ID badge
Background check via Pre-check system
Online orientation
Electronic employment eligibility I-9 form

Online Application: