Additional Scholarship Opportunities for Continuing Students

This list of scholarships is by no means comprehensive. Every student should be diligent in finding awards for which they may be competitive. To find more scholarships outside of Penn State, searching for scholarships using any key words along with phrase “engineering scholarships” is a good way to start. Most scholarship programs will have pages that describe the specific deadlines and eligibility requirements for their awards.

Scholarship Opportunities for Current Students
Scholarship Name Requirement(s) Deadline
Architectural Engineering Scholarship Application Form A E 1/24/2021
Erickson Discovery Grants freshmen, sophomore, and juniors 1/24/2021
National Security Education Program (NSEP) David L. Boren Scholarships interest in National Security 1/27/2021
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation Sophomore or Junior 1/29/2021
AIAA Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Program sophomore, junior, or senior 1/31/2021
ASHRAE Baltimore Chapter Scholarship HVAC&R field of study 1/31/2021
Josephine de Karman Fellowship Trust ALL 1/31/2021
AMERICAN NUCLEAR SOCIETY Scholarship Program NUC E 2/1/2021
National Academies of SEM Graduate Program 2/1/2021
NOAA Undergraduate Scholarship Program ALL 2/1/2021
Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Education Foundation Scholarship Manufacturing engineering, technology, or closely related field Manufacturing engineering, technology, or closely related field 2/1/2021
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (SUNY) CH E, BIOE, B E 2/1/2021
VERTICAL FLIGHT Foundation SCHOLARSHIPS Any Major 2/1/2021
Amgen Scholars U.S. Program (On Hold due to Covid) interest in pursing a PhD 2/3/2021
National Institute of Standards and Technology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Sophomore, junior, or senior 2/3/2021
NIST Summer UG Research Fellowship sophomore, junior, senior 2/3/2021
University of Kansas Self Fellows Program AERSP, BIO E, CH E, CE, AE, EE, CSE, ME 2/3/2021
AGC of Ohio Education Foundation Scholarships construction-related degrees 2/5/2021
Rock Ethics Institute Stand Up Award Leadership 2/5/2021
Presidential Leadership Academy (PLA) Freshman 2/8/2021
Structural Engineering Traveling Fellowship CE, AE 2/9/2021
Northern Hemispher Summer Research Scholarship(Will not be offered in 2021) Junior or Senior 2/11/2021
AATCC Grants and Scholarships UG and GR Students 2/15/2021
American Public Power Association (APPA) DEED Program Energy-related field 2/15/2021
American Public Power Association Technical Design Project Research Grant Energy-related field of Study senior project 2/15/2021
DOMINION Foundation BLK, HSP, IND, and HAW 2/15/2021
Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) Hispanic 2/15/2021
Multi-Campus Research Experience for Undergraduate Students (MC REU) Commonwealth Campus Affiliation 2/15/2021
TAPPI Scholarships High School Senior, College Freshman, sophomore, junior, or Senior 2/15/2021
Association of Bridge Construction and Design (ABCD) Susquehanna Chapter (Harrisburg, PA) (Application now Closed) CE or Civil Engineering Technology 2/22/2021
Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellowship AERSP, BME, CH E, Petroleum, CE, AE, EE, CMPSC, ME, E SC 2/24/2021
Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship Program Honorably Discharged Veterans or spouses 2/28/2021
American Society of Highway Engineers Clearfield Section C E. SUR E 3/1/2021
Morris S. Levin Scholarship Local Union #98 of IBEW Philadelphia 3/1/2021
NASA Education Scholarship Program AERSP, BME, CH E, CE, CMPEN, EE, IE, ME, NUC E or Energy 3/1/2021
National Society of Professional Engineers Scholarships ALL 3/1/2021
Scholarship for Service (SFS) (Application now Closed) US Citizen 3/1/2021
Summer Research at CCMR (Application coming soon) All majors 3/1/2021
Morris K. and Stuart L. Udall Scholarships sophomore or junior 3/2/2021
Udall Scholarships sophomore or junior 3/2/2021
Cargil Global Scholars Program freshman or sophomore 3/4/2021
ACEC-Greater Pittsburgh Junior, senior, fifth, or graduate 3/5/2021
Copper Club Scholarship Civil Engineering 3/5/2021
Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship (Application now Closed) Freshmen or sophomores or high school seniors 3/12/2021
National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) AE, CE, IE, precast concrete 3/12/2021
ASABE Student Awards, Competitions and Scholarships Student member of ASABE 3/15/2021
Grants-in-Aid of Research Program Any Major 3/15/2021
Herman J. Smith/National Housing Endowment Scholarship (Application now Closed) Construction related field of study 3/15/2021
Shell Incentive Fund Scholarship CH E, C E, E E, M E or PNG E Under-represented 3/15/2021
Shell Technical Scholarship CH E, C E, E E, M E or PNG E 3/15/2021
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Scholarship Program Any Major 3/17/2021
Barry H. Marshall UG Scholarship ALL 3/22/2021
Undergraduate Exhibition (Application now Closed) ALL 3/22/2021
AATCC Foundation Scholarships Textile Industry 3/31/2021
Ann M. Kendlehart Scholarship Fund CE 3/31/2021
Association of State Dam Safety Officials C E Junior or Senior 3/31/2021
Horticulture/Botany: Kathryn Giarratani Scholarship Fund Career path in Horticulture/Botany or related field 3/31/2021
National Science Foundation Scholarships UG 3/31/2021
AEA Educational Foundation Scholarship Program Freshman; sophomore; junior; senior 4/1/2021
Great Minds in STEM Scholars Program HS Seniors, UG, and GR 4/1/2021
Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Foundation Scholarships Plastics/polymer industry, CHE, ME and IE 4/1/2021
Bridging Scholarships: Study Abroad in Japan Study Abroad 4/10/2021
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department Scholarship Application I E 4/15/2021
Triangle Fraternity STEAM Scholarship Freshman, Sophomore or transfer in Engineering or Architecture 4/20/2021
Scholarship America Sophomore or higher 4/23/2021
Ayn Rand Essay Contests High School, UG College, and Graduate Students 4/29/2021
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department Application Form ABE or BE 4/30/2021
Computer Science Scholarships CSE 4/30/2021
ASM Materials Education Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Program ALL 5/1/2021
International Education of Students Abroad Study Abroad 5/1/2021
National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) All 5/1/2021
Pennsylania Targeted Industry Program (PA-TIP) PA resident 5/1/2021
Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund ALL 5/15/2021
Acopian Power Supply Engineering Scholarship E E 5/31/2021
Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation (ARF) Engineering Scholarship Juniors this coming Fall 5/31/2021
American Muscle Automotive Scholarships ME 6/15/2021
ExtremeTerrains's Student Scholarship Program CE, ENV E, BE 6/15/2021
David S. Suarez Memorial Scholarship IE, Hispanic 6/30/2021
Frank Blaise Modruson and Lynne C. Shigley Scholarship Volunteer Firefighters 7/1/2021
Gaudinsky Scholarship in the College of Engineering Military veteran w/Honorable discharge 7/1/2021
Jeffrey and Karen Hedges Scholarship in Engineering Veteran 7/1/2021
Ron and Laura Pingel Scholarship U.S. Military Veteran interested in CH E 7/1/2021
Goldman Sachs Scholarship for Excellence (Date To Be Announced) sophomores and juniors 9/10/2021
University Fellowships Office All Majors 9/30/2021
Rhodes Scholarship (Application now Closed) senior 10/1/2021
AES Engineering Solutions Scholarship All Majors 10/8/2021
Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship Program Post 9/11 Veterans and Fry Scholars 6/30/2023