Additional Scholarship Opportunities for Continuing Students

This list of scholarships is by no means comprehensive. Every student should be diligent in finding awards for which they may be competitive. To find more scholarships outside of Penn State, searching for scholarships using any key words along with phrase “engineering scholarships” is a good way to start. Most scholarship programs will have pages that describe the specific deadlines and eligibility requirements for their awards.

Scholarship Opportunities for Current Students
Scholarship Name Major/Interest Deadline
ISA Educational Foundation Scholarship Automation and control or related field 2/28/2024
AAUW 3/1/2024
Shell Technical Scholarship CH E, C E, E E, M E or PNG E 3/1/2024
Udall Scholarships sophomore or junior 3/3/2024
Copper Club Scholarship Geophysics; Geo-technical & Environmental Engineering 3/4/2024
Gilman International Scholarship All majors 3/9/2024
National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) AE, CE, IE, precast concrete 3/10/2024
Wells Fargo Veterans Emergency Grants All majors; must be a veteran 3/11/2024
Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship Program (Check back in March) Honorably Discharged Veterans or spouses 3/11/2024
Presidential Leadership Academy (PLA) Freshmen 3/13/2024
Scholarship for Service (SFS) (check back Jan 2022) US Citizen 3/14/2024
ASABE Student Awards, Competitions and Scholarships Student member of ASABE 3/15/2024
Grants-in-Aid of Research Program Any Major 3/15/2024
Mid-Atlantic CMAA Scholarship Program C E, A E 3/15/2024
National Science Foundation Scholarships UG 3/16/2024
National Institutes of Health (NIH) Scholarship Program Any Major 3/17/2024
Shell Incentive Fund Scholarship CH E, C E, E E, M E or PNG E Under-represented 3/17/2024
ACEC-Greater Pittsburgh Junior, senior, fifth, or graduate 3/18/2024
Barry H. Marshall UG Scholarship ALL 3/20/2024
Churchill Scholarship Senior 3/20/2024
Mitchell Scholarship junior, senior or beyond 3/20/2024
Rhodes Scholarship senior 3/20/2024
Ralph K. Hillquist Honorary SAE Scholarship M E, E SC juniors 3/21/2024
Madison & Lila Self Graduate Fellowship AERSP, BME, CH E, Petroleum, CE, AE, EE, CMPSC, ME, E SC 3/24/2024
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation All majors 3/25/2024
Freeman-ASIA (check back early February 2022) Study Abroad 3/29/2024
AATCC Foundation Scholarships Textile Industry 3/31/2024
AATCC Grants and Scholarships UG and GR Students 3/31/2024
American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorists (AATCC)-Delaware Valley ALL 3/31/2024
Ann M. Kendlehart Scholarship Fund CE 3/31/2024
ASHRAE Baltimore Chapter Scholarship Major related to heating, refrigerating, and air-conditioning industry 3/31/2024
Association of State Dam Safety Officials C E Junior or Senior 3/31/2024
Force and Motion (AMTI) Scholarship US and international graduate students 3/31/2024
Horticulture/Botany: Kathryn Giarratani Scholarship Fund Career path in Horticulture/Botany or related field 3/31/2024
LNESC National Scholarship 3/31/2024
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) Seniors 3/31/2024
Open Doors World Campus Scholarship World Campus 3/31/2024
Penn State for Adult Learners (check back in Jan 2022) Age 25 or older 3/31/2024
STEM Scholarships Freshmen, sophomore, or juniors 3/31/2024
Summer Research at CCMR All majors 3/31/2024
UNCF Scholarships, Programs, Internships, and Fellowships College Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, Graduate Student 3/31/2024
AEA Educational Foundation Scholarship Program Freshman; sophomore; junior; senior 4/1/2024
AMERICAN NUCLEAR SOCIETY Scholarship Program NUC E 4/1/2024
George B. Hightower, P.E. Fellowship 4/1/2024
Great Minds in STEM Scholars Program HS Seniors, UG, and GR 4/1/2024
II-VI Foundation Scholarship 'check back in January for new dates Work Experience 4/1/2024
Lockheed Martin STEM Scholarship Freshmen or sophomores or high school seniors 4/1/2024
Masters of the Trade Scholarship Major in structural, electrical, highway, or mechanical engineering 4/1/2024
National Society of Professional Engineers Scholarships ALL 4/1/2024
Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Foundation Scholarships Plastics/polymer industry, CHE, ME and IE 4/1/2024
NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program (Winter) Student Athletes 4/8/2024
Commissioners' Engineering Scholarship Program CE, EE, CH E, ME, CMPEN, CMPSC, ENGR 4/15/2024
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department Scholarship Application Major in industrial engineering 4/15/2024
Triangle Fraternity STEAM Scholarship (check back in spring 2024) Freshman, Sophomore or transfer in Engineering or Architecture 4/15/2024
Best Foot Forward Scholarship High School Senior or College student 4/20/2024
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department Application Form ABE or BE 4/30/2024
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship All majors 4/30/2024
Department of Energy (DOE) Scholars Program Engineering or computer science 4/30/2024
Industrial Biotechnology Scholarship Biotechnology 4/30/2024
SOCIETY OF HISPANIC PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS (SHPE) (check back Jan 2022) Latino high school seniors, Undergraduate and graduate students 4/30/2024
ASM Materials Education Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Program All majors 5/1/2024
National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) All 5/1/2024
Open Doors STEP Scholarship Change of campus to UP major during SU 5/1/2024
Pennsylania Targeted Industry Program (PA-TIP) PA resident 5/1/2024
Student Disability Resources Scholarships (The application for the 2022-2023 academic year will open in February of 2022. Disability 5/1/2024
The Educational Equity Scholarships 5/1/2024
Foundation For Your Future Scholarship High School Senior and College Students 5/11/2024
American Society of Highway Engineers Clearfield Section C E. SUR E 5/15/2024
Senior Care Aging Matters Scholarship 5/15/2024
Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation (ARF) Engineering Scholarship Juniors 5/31/2024
SPE Foundation Scholarship Award CH E, M E, I E 5/31/2024
Recycling Research Foundation National Scholarship Graduate 6/1/2024
American Muscle Automotive Scholarships Major in mechanical engineering 6/15/2024
ExtremeTerrains's Student Scholarship Program Major in civil or environmental engineering 6/15/2024
Automotive Hall of Fame Interest in Automotive Career 6/30/2024
Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship Program All majors, must be veteran or dependent 6/30/2024
PSU University Fellowships Office All majors 6/30/2024
Crystal Group Innovation Scholarship Engineering Major 7/14/2024
American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) Scholarships (Multiple) Land surveyor or Geosciences 7/31/2024
Freshman Undergraduate Research Program (FURP) (check back spring 2022) Freshmen 8/11/2024
Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship Senior or Graduate 9/29/2024
Computer Science Scholarships Major in computer science 9/30/2024
AES Engineering Solutions Scholarship All majors 10/8/2024
Goldwater Scholarship Program All majors 10/10/2024
Broadcast Education Association (BEA) National Scholarships All majors; interest in electronics media 10/14/2024
Bridging Scholarships: Study Abroad in Japan All majors 10/16/2024
Paul & Daisy Soros New American Fellowship All majors 10/28/2024
IEEE Student Scholarships Major in electrical or computer engineering or computer science; must be an IEEE member 10/30/2024
Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AIST) Foundation Scholarships Major in chemical, civil, environmental, mechanical, industrial engineering or computer science; interest in the iron and steel industry 10/31/2024
Steel Engineering Education Link Initiative (STEEL) Scholarship Program All 10/31/2024
American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) All majors 11/1/2024
DFI Educational Trust Penn State University Civil Engineering Scholarship Civil Engineering 11/1/2024
Electric: Mobile Device IT Innovation Scholarship IT Career Path 11/1/2024
International Education of Students Abroad All majors 11/1/2024
Minority Undergraduate Research Experience (MURE) Freshman, sophomore, or junior underrepresented 11/1/2024
PAPA Gary L. Hoffman Scholarship Civil Engineering and Construction 11/1/2024
Payne (Donald M.) USAID International Development Fellowship Senior 11/1/2024
Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching "Great Teacher" Nominations 11/2/2024
Ayn Rand ATLAS SHRUGGED Essay Contest High School, UG College, and Graduate Students 11/7/2024
Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program (TESL) senior 11/12/2024
Packaging Compliance Labs Packaging Engineers 11/12/2024
Critical Language Scholarship All majors 11/16/2024
Jack Kent Cooke UG transfer Scholarship Program Transfer students 11/18/2024
Beinecke Scholarship All majors 11/21/2024
Harry S. Truman Scholarship All majors 11/28/2024
Ron and Laura Pingel Scholarship U.S. Military Veteran interested in CH E 11/30/2024
ASHRAE Major in architectural or mechanical engineering; interest in heating, refrigerating, and air-conditioning industry 12/1/2024
Student Engagement Network Grant Program (Multiple Programs) Undergraduate 12/12/2024
American Society for NonDestructive Testing (ASNT) EN UG Scholarship All majors 12/15/2024
American Society of Highway Engineers, Delaware Valley Section C E 12/15/2024
DAAD RISE (Research Internshipos in Science and Engineering) All majors 12/15/2024
Robert B. Oliver Scholarship studies in Nondestructive testing (NDT) 12/15/2024
Shirley Hendrick Award Adult Learner 12/15/2024
Whittel & Melton Injury Scholarships 12/15/2024
Community Hero Scholarship Community service 12/19/2024
Rise Up First Generation Student Scholarship First in your family to attend college 12/19/2024
American Water Works Association Scholarships All majors; interest in the water industry 12/20/2024
AWWA Academic Achievement Award Masters Theses and Doctoral Dissertations 12/20/2024
ARRL Foundation Scholarships Amateur Radio 12/31/2024
Metalworking Scholarship from Travers Tool Company All majors 12/31/2024
Microsoft Scholarship Program interest in Software industry 12/31/2024
NFPA Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year Fire Safety Program 12/31/2024
NSBE;National Society of Black Engineers Scholarships Civil Engineering, Electircal Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial/Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Technology 12/31/2024
PA State Grant Program All majors; must be Pennsylvania resident 12/31/2024
The RevPart 2022 STEM Scholarship All majors 12/31/2024
Scholarship America (Multiple Scholarships) All majors 1/1/2025
NSSGA Scholarships Mining-related or public policy, government affairs 1/8/2025
DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship CMPSC, ENV E, CH E, ME, Engineering 1/12/2025
Dominion Energy Educational Equity Scholarship Program 1/25/2025
Amgen Scholars U.S. Program interest in pursing a PhD 2/1/2025