Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate education and research are the foundation of the Penn State College of Engineering. Roughly 2,000 undergraduate students matriculate every year, each eager to embark on the first step of their engineering career. While at Penn State, these students lay the groundwork to enter the workforce as technically skilled and culturally competent engineers. Students graduate with research experience, mentored by faculty leading scientific inquiries across a variety of disciplines. They have the opportunity to study abroad, hold internships, and deeply engage with the Penn State community and beyond—all while graduating in their major’s suggested timeframe.

WE ARE // Investing in Your Future: The College of Engineering is embarking on a 10-year capital expansion plan that will reshape Penn State’s University Park campus and add substantially to the college’s research and education infrastructure.

More than 10,000 residential and online undergraduate and graduate engineering students learn from and work alongside top faculty, infusing the College of Engineering community with intellectual energy and helping to fuel an annual research enterprise of nearly $150 million. Each year, about 2,000 graduate students earn their engineering degrees and join the passionate Penn State alumni network — the nation’s largest.