Final Report






The final report consists of two main parts, the existing system and the redesigned system of the Peggy Ryan Williams Center. The first section of the report explains some of the architectural and structural aspects of the building. The second portion of the report contains the details of the redesign of the existing steel building into a reinforced concrete building. One of the reasons that steel was originally chosen for the building material was due to a need to expedite the project schedule. However, a scenario was created in which the schedule was no longer critical. Therefore, the PRWC was redesigned using reinforced concrete. It was determined to complete the redesign using a one way concrete slab system with pan joists, girders, and columns. By redesigning the building using concrete, the steel braced frames were no longer the best option. Since the building is only four stories, there was potential that the building's gravity system would double as its lateral system.


In addition to the redesign of the main building, a portion of the pedestrian bridge was also redesigned. Two inspirational concepts were considered for the redesign, a reflection on the building's original name, "The Gateway Building," and a reflection of New York's historical covered bridges. Upon choosing an inspiration to use for the redesign, one of the side trusses of the bridge was redesigned. This structural redesign led to both an architectural breadth on the façade of the pedestrian bridge and a lighting breadth of the exterior of the bridge.