ABET Outcome Survey




Senior Thesis Reflection

Overall, my senior thesis has been a valuable learning experience. Looking back, it was a good transition from the fall semester, in which we were given deadlines, to the spring semester, in which we had to set our own deadlines. This helped us to transition into a more real-world type of setting. I also loved the freedom of the project itself. I enjoyed being able to tailor my education to my own personal interests and further studying those areas of engineering. I believe that the senior thesis project is a good first step in the transition between academia and the work field.




CPEP Reflection

I found the CPEP to be a great tool. This year was the most in depth I have worked with creating and updating a website, so it posed many challenges. However, I learned through those challenges. I believe that the website is a great way to be able to display the work we have done throughout the semester to not only our advisors, but also to industry professionals.