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Anthony Atchley

Professor Emeritus


  • Acoustics

Interest Areas:

Aviation Noise Modeling, Outdoor Sound Propagation, Nonlinear Acoustics.





Journal Articles

  • K L Gee, T B Neilsen and Anthony A Atchley, 2013, "Skewness and shock formation in laboratory-scale supersonic jet data.", The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 133, (6), pp. EL491-7
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  • M W Thompson and Anthony A Atchley, 2005, "Simultaneous measurement of acoustic and streaming velocities in a standing wave using laser Doppler anemometry.", 117, (4 Pt 1), pp. 1828-38
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  • Thomas B Gabrielson, Matthew E Poese and Anthony A Atchley, 2003, "Acoustic and vibration background noise in the collapsed structure of the World Trade Center.", 113, (1), pp. 45-8

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