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Yan Li

Assistant Professor


  • School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering

314 Electrical Engineering East


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Research Areas:

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence; Power and Energy Systems; Security and Privacy




  • Ph D, Electrical Engineering, Tianjin University, 2013
  • Ph D, Electrical Engineering, University of Connecticut, 2019



  • Yan Li, 2021, Cyber-Physical Microgrids, Springer, pp. 200

Journal Articles

  • Shuyang Ma, Yan Li, Liang Du, Jianzhong Wu, Yue Zhou, Yichen Zhang and Tao Xu, 2021, "Programmable intrusion detection for distributed energy resources in cyber–physical networked microgrids", Applied Energy, 306, (1)
  • Zhiyu Wei, Ke Peng, Chuanliang Xiao, Yan Li, Xueshen Zhao and Guangzeng Yao, 2021, "Coordinated hierarchical voltage control for flexible DC distribution systems"
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  • Yichen Zhang, Yan Li, Kevin Tomsovic, Seddik Djouadi and Meng Yue, 2020, "Review on Set-Theoretic Methods for Safety Veri?cation and Control of Power System"
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  • Ke Peng, Yan Li, Zhiyu Wei, Xueshen Zhao and Guangzeng Yao, , "Coordinated Hierarchical Voltage Control for Flexible DC Distribution Systems", Electric Power Systems Research

Conference Proceedings

  • Boyu Wang, Yan Li and Jing Yang, 2020, "LSTM-based Quick Event Detection in Power Systems", State College, United States
  • Yan Li, Daning Huang, Yichen Zhang and Taofeek Orekan, , "Resilience analysis of cyber-physical networked microgrids with communication latency", United States
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  • Shuyang Ma, Yan Li, Hang Jing and Lixian Yan, , "Quantum computation of renewable energy systems", United States
  • Shengyi Wang, Liang Du and Yan Li, , "Decentralized volt/var control of EV charging station inverters for voltage regulation", IEEE, United States

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