EE Colloquia: Compliant Mechanisms for the Next Generation of Ruggedized Reconfigurable Electromagnetic Devices

Abstract:: The integration of compliant mechanisms with reconfigurable electromagnetics has the potential to greatly influence the next-generation of reconfigurable antenna systems. With the limitations of current reconfigurable technologies when deployed into harsh environments, compliant mechanisms can expand the available design space and provide robust solutions specifically targeted for ruggedization. This talk presents a brief history of compliant mechanisms from the mechanics perspective then presents several example antenna and metamaterial structures that demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed solution in delivering reliable performance under challenging conditions

Bio: Galestan Mackertich-Sengerdy is currently part of the research faculty at The Pennsylvania State University as well as pursuing a PhD in electromagnetics. He has expertise in designing mechanically robust, high-power, antenna systems and his research interest includes, reconfigurable antenna deveolpment, reconfigurable metamaterial and metasurface design, high-power antenna systems and compliant mechanisms for ruggedization of electromagnetic devices. He obtained his B.S. in mechanical engineering and a M.S. in engineering science and mechanics from The Pennsylvania State University. Prior to joining Penn State in 2019, he spent 2009 to 2018 in industry. First as a mechanical engineer for a small antenna research and design firm specializing in low-profile and unmanned vehicle communication systems, then as a senior mechanical engineer for an international design and manufacturing company specializing in phased array and single element ultrasonic transducers for industrial applications.


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Media Contact: I. C. Khoo